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Sulfur compounds Forming ectomycorrhizae Marine phage Bacterial pathogenicity Bacteriophages encode genes Phageencoded virulence genes Flag-2 Flagellin glycosylation Enterobacterales encompasses Ecologically versatile bacterial taxa Primary flagella locus Bio-degumming Kanef-degumming Kenaf bast AIG gene GABA receptor Genome information AIG1 domain Cytochrome P450 enzyme Taxodium resources Dynamics mechanism Novel isoxazoline insecticide Biomphalaria glabrata Pathogenicity island Glycosylation gene cluster DArTseq markers Insect reproduction Primarily influenced Female spermatheca Highly variable modular systems Modular toxin expression D-lactate dehydrogenase Highly stress responsive Glyoxalase pathway Jujube witches’ broom Phytoplasma infection Northern red oak Small hive beetle Retinal degenerative diseases Target-site Rhodopsin molecule Genomic heritability Haplotypes combine Setaria italica Phytoremediation require miRNA-mRNA interaction Frankliniella schultzei Tospovirus transmission Hybrid cotton Biomass vigor Yield increase Circadian rhythm pathway Xanthine dehydrogenase Copidosoma floridanum Several embryos endoparasitoid insects C. floridanum transcripts Penicillium italicum Demethylation inhibitor Prochloraz-responsive genes Citrus pathogens DMI-resistance remains unclear Shigella flexneri Transcriptional start sites Virulence plasmid Type 3 secretion system Expression difference Coral genomic diversity Docker containers Personal genomics Brassica crops Whole genome identification Tuberculosis remains Posttranscriptional regulation plays Milk proteome FMO3 enzyme Bioactive components Taxus callus cells Plant defenses Heterotrophic culture Time-to-cultureconversion Vertical gene transfer Symbiosis genes Morphologically distinguishable Matricaria recutita Chromatin condensation Lamina associated domains Distinct chromatin states Proximity ligation based techniques Cercospora sojina Young spike Phased secondary siRNAs Regulatory roles Coding transcripts Olfactory receptor gene Mouse olfactory receptor gene Identifies conserved coding Typically annotated Transgenic fish Coho salmon

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Sirt2 protects, Various injuries, Including diabetic peripheral neuropathy, Forest tree, Salmonella Napoli, Equivalent change, Silico functional genomics, Salmonella enterica subsp., Göttingen Minipigs, Controlled breeding scheme, Genetic isolation harbors, C-di-GMP, Complex signaling networks, Reference database, Sporobolomyces pararoseus, Metagenomic classifier, Ballistospores-shooting, Gut mycobiome, Evolutionary direction, Yielding metagenome-assembled genomes, Historical DNA, Library quality, Museum genomics, Targeted capture, Diploid assembly, Genus Brettanomyces, Significant interest, Brettanomyces nanus, Aohan fine wool sheep, Wool follicle, Species delineation, Metagenomic binning, Whole-genome approaches, The Jinchuan yak, Plateau adaptation, Cyclic nucleotide gated channels, Play multifaceted roles, Duplication events, Evolutionary trajectories, Proton transporters, Reproductive Axis, Organismal response, Avian genomics, Apodemus sylvaticus, Ecological genomics context, Whole-genome data, Dryophytes chrysoscelis, Freeze tolerance, Cope’s gray treefrog, Corporeal freezing, RNase P RNA, Ribonuclease P, RNase P’s sequence, Essential catalytic RNA, Bodyweight gain, Genes underlying growth, Genome technology, Nickel tolerance, Bacillus velezensis, Rhizobial biogeography, Ammonium nitrogen, Heavy metal efflux, Ammonia assimilation pathway, Fixing nitrogen, Initial collecting, Protein gene, High-quality chromosome assemblies, Chromosome-specific marker, Secale cereale L., Blood cell traits, Combined-phenotype analysis, Quantitative red blood cell, RBC trait heritability, Individual animal genotype, Domestic pig, Concordance rate, Transcriptional landscape, Single nucleotide polymorphism haplotypes, Runt-related transcription factor 1, Medium-density, Lymphocyte-specific protein tyrosine kinase, Fish gill osmoregulation, Japanese eel, Electrolyte homeostasis, Structural plasticity, Fall webworm, Gene expansion, Rapid spread, Hyphantria cunea, Novel sequencing-based technology, Ancient sequences, Gene finding, Spirodela polyrhiza, Floating aquatic plants, molecular biology laboratories, Sanger sequencing data, Molecular biologists benefit, GFP collection, Tag switching, Query gene function, Cas9-assisted tag switching, Statistically significant interactions, Hi-C data visualization, Domestication and adaptation, Molecular biology technique, Behavioral modification, Economic productivity, PUB gene, Homologous gene pairs, Prediction analysis, Glyphosate-tolerant crops, Breeding glyphosate-tolerant rice, Constant darkness, Mouse liver, Circadian Time, Species delimitation, Multispecies coalescent, Deep-sea habitat, Specialized marine organisms, Submerged surfaces, Intertidal zone, Shallow waters, Isoform-level expression, Cross-platform comparison, Exon-array, Citrus production, Rice disease worldwide, Susceptible cultivar, Cinnamate 4-monooxygenase, Ethylene-insensitive protein 2, Cytoplasmic surface, Conogethes pinicolalis, Conogethes punctiferalis, Yellow peach moth, Ribosomally synthesized, Brazilian endemic, Post-translationally modified peptides, SPM-1 carbapenemase, Fungal origin, Brazilian territory, While RiPPs, Undergoes cyclical processes, Seminal plasma exosome, Cynoglossus semilaevis, Signal pathway regulation, Scatophagus argus, Growth-related genes, Upstream ORF, Upstream open reading frames, Nascent peptide, Functional peptides, Genome-wide polymorphisms, Genome differentiation, Niger Congo A, Niger Congo B, Nilo-Saharan, Tag haplotypes, High-throughput quantitative real-time PCR, KEGG pathway enrichment analysis, Phytophthora root rot, Resistance locus, Soybean production worldwide, Olive fruit fly genome, Y chromosome assembly, Insect developmental genes, Deep diving, Leptonychotes weddelli, Extreme cardiovascular control, CpG island, Rare genomic polymorphisms, Obviously ongoing, Pathogen pathogenicity, Identify candidates, Range expansion, Deleterious mutations, TLP gene family, Nucleolar proteome, Sperm Chromatin, Orthologous and paralogous, Parasitic reduction, Relative Entropy, Gene duplication and loss, Lower eukaryotes, Hypercondensed DNA state, B. napus, Sperm protamines, European flint landraces, Zea mays var. indurata, Marine endophytic fungi, Anti-cancer extract, Anti-fungal resistance, Graph genomes, Transcriptome remains elusive, Pan-genomics, Reference genomes, Graph-based references, NAC family, Al stress, NAC proteins, ZFBS-morph overlaps, Density-plots, Stable introns, Preaxial polydactyly, Intronic fragments, Stable intronic sequence RNAs, Synchronous cell division, Dof transcription factors, Transcript expression, Abiotic stress responses, TaDof gene family, FAD gene family, Walnut kernels contain, F. oxysporum f. sp. cubense, Split-gene, Differentailly expressed genes, Nucleotide second messengers, Guanosine tetraphosphate, Secondary messenger, Stringent response, Short-chain fatty acids, Autotransporter proteins, Genus Campylobacter, Campylobacter coli, In silico screening, Parasites employ proteases, Obligate cnidarian parasites, Modern humans, Regulatory regions, Chromatin regulation, Methyltransferase complex, Intermediate progenitor cells, Protein prediction, Benchmark study, Ashbya gossypii, Riboflavin production, Disparity mutagenesis, Homozygous mutation, Probabilistic network, Hymenolepis microstoma, Syntenic relationships, Transcriptome assemblies, Age prediction, Cigarette smoke exposure, Premature lung aging, Big data processing, B3 superfamily, Callus initiation, Wheat roots, Monochamus alternatus Hope, Coloration genetics, Poison frog, Oophaga pumilio, Animal coloration, RNA sample pooling, Genomic location, Casparian strip membrane domain proteins, G. arboreum, Collinearity analysis, Lateral root development, Hair cycle, Seasonal development, Mammalian hair play, Hair follicles, Puccinellia tenuiflora, Supplementary lighting-induced flowering, De novo RNA-Seq analysis, Strong tolerance, Multiple stress, Enormous values, Compact genome, AAP family, Sequencing plants, Growth-related trait, Extreme environment fungi, Transporting amino acids, Genome compaction, Balanced complex chromosome rearrangements, Ear rot, Yellow-feathered chickens, Huge paucity, Iconic chickens, Increase genetic gain, Shortening breeding cycle, Complex trait, Non-tuberculosis mycobacterium, Non-tuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease, Human-to-human transmission, Lactic acid bacteria complex, Human health benefits, Teat number, Multi-locus, Provide immunity, Vertebrae Development Associated, Sus scrofa chromosome 7, Virus community, Defence responses, Hydrogen peroxide accumulation, Homoeolog expression bias, Natural allotetraploid, Recombination hotspots, Shuffling genetic variation, Ananas comosus var., Epigenetic regulatory, Comprehensive characterization, Bisulfite sequencing PCR, Adaptive changes, Noncoding DNA elements, Human transcriptome profiles differ, Self-tolerant, Genetic base broadening, Bos grunniens, Male fertility, Intramuscular fat content, Co-differentially expressed transcripts, Sire conception rate, IMF-depositionrelated mRNA, Gene size, Nervous system evolution, Long genes, Long introns, Clonal variation, Allozyme clones, Origins involve interspecific hybridization, Phylogenetic comparative methods, Shared functional roles, Different genes, Functional pathways, Multiplying rapidly, Parasitoid wasp, Aphid host, Aphidius ervi, Lysiphlebus fabarum, DNA methylation loss, Chemosensory genes, Nucleotide identity, Prophage sequence typing, Phage clusters, Predictable environmental changes, Lunar cycles, Single-locus modeling, Precise prediction, Fluctuation of nitrogen, Testicular growth, Cell junction, Spermatogenesis-related genes, Group I intron, Homing endonuclease, Lateral transfer, Fusarium tricinctum species complex, Future food-safety crises, Epigenetic conservation, Species boundaries, Species recognition, Taxonomic boundaries, Synthesis pathway, Gossypium species, DNA fragment, Pumpkin pulp, Putative pathways, Age development, Bovine endometrial epithelial cells, Pro-inflammatory mechanisms, Pathological mechanisms, Inter-subspecific recombination, Transcriptional group, Cashmere goat skin, Villus growth cycle, Social insect, Repetitive elements, Reproductive process genes, Plasmodium spp., Human malaria parasite, Pancreas disease, Salmonid alphavirus, Gonadal hormones, Testis-specific genes, Species comparison, Genome decoding, Cladosiphon strains, Sets of genes, Sub-speciation, Cucumis melo var. saccharinus, Cold-tolerant cultivar, Cenchrus americanus, iTRAQ quantitative proteomic analysis, Acanthoideae species, Cashmere goat, During postnatal life, Comparative genome analysis, Proline-rich receptor-like protein kinase, Nuclear mitochondria DNA, Comparative transcriptome analysis, Corchorus capsularis L., Multipurpose molecular, Environmental Tenericutes, Metabolic capacity, Pathogenic species, Quercus robur, Local and distant effects, EMF interaction

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