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Phân loại vi khuẩn lam ở Việt Nam Statistical analysis of data Nguyên nhân tàn tật ở bệnh phong Ocimum tenuiflorum L. Agency for toxic substances Isolation of stigmasterol The number of elements in a minimal system of generators The homogeneous ideal in the idealization ring The homogeneous ideal On the conditions for the complete convergence in mean RnM being parameters ideals Tính chất trên đồ thị ước của không Double sums of independent random elements in banach spaces Đồ thị ước của không của vành Z2n Independent random elements Đồ thị ước Double arrays of independent random elements Vành R hữu hạn Ebook Introduction to particle technology Introduction to particle technology Particles and powders Studying degree courses Disciplines requiring knowledge Nghị định số 162/2018/NĐ-CP Thông tư số 27/2018/TT-NHNN Phong tỏa vốn Hòa hóa xuất khẩu Chấm dứt phong tỏa vốn Vi phạm hành chính trong lĩnh vực hàng không Luật thuế xuất khẩu nhập khẩu Phong tỏa tài sản Sucrose on the regeneration Livelihood capital and poverty status Paphiopedilum micranthum var. North Vietnam Allelopathy of barnyardgrass weed Forest dependent households in the highland area An allelopathic interaction with rice Forest-dependent households Worldwide literary resources The allelochemical constituents and pharmacological effects A review of Kudoa species Parasites of goatfishes Affecting seafood quality White nest swiftlet Parupeneus spp. Biogas production from corn Atlantic mackerel Aerodramus fuciphagus in Vietnam Parasite species found on goatfishes Effects of size Effect on fish host Number and size of goatfishes collected Common haplotype Microscopic appearance of K. thyrsites Effect of cation concentrations Water level fluctuations Good feeding Fish yield trend Hormonal stimulation Fishing gears Good fertilization Maximum sustainable yield Control of predators Fishing seasons Optimum stocking density Control of diseases Nui Coc Reservoir Marine farming The effect of annual water level management Aquaculture system The total fisheries production Undo-logging rules Undo logging recovery rules Undo-logging EEG features extraction for classification Wireless LAN based experiment and evaluation Obstacles of first year students of English acquiring listening skills Human intention and non-intention The two-state ECG compression algorithm EEG-SMT device of Olimex Ltd English acquiring listening skills Packet error rate-PER Low-cost Ionospheric scintillation detector The proposed WLAN-based two-state ECG compression algorithm Classify brain’s state Intention English acoustic texts Software-based GNSS receiver FEM analysis of high-selectivity SAW filter The precision of GNSS receivers High-selectivity SAW filter using SPUDT structure Wide-band surface acoustic wave The receiver during scintillation Moisture on aflatoxins production Single-phase unidirectional interdigital transducer Isolated aspergillus flavus from Vietnamese peanut The mold growth and Aflatoxin Effect of heating rate and temperature Spandex yarn on structural parameters The carbonization process of commercial viscose fibers Elasticity of polyamide - spandex knitted fabric

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The stabilized fibers, Similar knitted structure, The influence of loop length on microcapsule loading capability, Cellulose based precursor, Interlock knitted fabric, Eudragit RSPO microcapsules, Microcapsule loading capability, Điều trị chứng đau ở thú nhỏ, Triệt sản chó đực, Triệt sản chó cái, Triệt sản mèo, Phẫu thuật chỉnh hình cho thú, Phẫu thuật mô mềm ở thú, Metaphorical representations, Universal strategies, CF3I-Kr mixtures, Official texts, Newton Derivative, Newton differential, Boltzmann equation analysis, Non-congruent metaphorical modes, Electron transport coefficients, Semismooth Newton method, Mixture gases substituting SF6, Nonsmooth function, Ebook React in pattern, React in pattern, Redux architecture and its main characteristics, One direction data flow, Integration of third-party libraries, Tài nguyên rừng phong phú, Khí hậu của Trung Á, Quá trình kiến tạo, Nguyên nhân gây mưa phùn, Ebook Programming with python - T.R. Padmanabhan, Programming with python, Functions and modules, Sequences and operations with sequences, additional operations with sequences, Colleagues over the decades, Reconsideration of ontogenetic changes, The maxillula in the species of Genus loxoconcha sars, Ethnographic research on non verbal expressions capturing attention, Daily interactions in public places, Four non-verbal tendencies, Non-verbal interactions, Adding time in the buildings model, The price of non-cooperation in reservation, A geometrical robust image data hiding scheme, Levels of detail in the buildings model, Bandwidth sharing protocols, On contourlet transform, Analyzing and optimizing of a pfluger column, Data mode lUrban Data Model, The rules of the protocols, Multiple embedded stages, The available three-dimensional, A pfluger column, Reservation-based protocols, Cross-sectional area along the column axis, Contourlet transform-hiding algorithm, The first eigenvalue corresponding, Cholestane-type steroids from the octocoral verrucella corona, Extraction of polysaccharides from lingzhi, Chemical constituents of the ethyl acetate fraction, Cholestane-type steroids, The fruit bodies of phellinus gilvus, Ultrasonic assisted enzymatic method, Triterpenoids from selaginella rolandi - principis, Chemical constituents and biological activities, Flavonoids from the leaves of aralia hiepiana, The octocoral verrucella corona, Five fungal secondary metabolites, Ultrasonic-assisted enzymatic extraction, Research on phytochemical and alfa glucosidase inhibitory activity, Optimization of ginger oleoresin extraction from fresh ginger, Steroidal diglycosides from the starfish anthenea sibogae, Alpinia kwangsiensis collected in Vietnam, Possess PTP1B inhibition, The family lauxaniidae, Various chromatographic separations, The leaves of aralia hiepiana, Bambusinae presl, Microwave-assisted energy, Ethyl acetate fraction of ruellia tuberosa, The methanol extract fruit bodies, The starfish anthenea sibogae, Subfamily Lauxaniinae, Methanol extract of Alpinia kwangsiensis roots, Selaginella rolandi-principis, Three cholestane-type steroids, The literature data, Subtribe bambusinae, Ratio of microwave power, The antidiabetic activitiesof the hexane, Vietnamese Phellinus gilvus, Two steroidal diglycosides namely anthenoside, Text information extraction, Blood parasite, Vegetative growth stage, Subfamily Homoneurinae, Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus subtilis, NMR techniques and by comparison, Rhizomes sympodial, Antiinflammation and diuretic agent, HR-MS techniques, Vietnamese text detection, Geo-ecological condition, Previously recorded lauxaniid, Anaplasma margina, Branch complement several, Extract the text, Aucubin content, Checklist of lauxaniid species, Boophiplus microplus, Inflorescence iterauctant, Plantago sp., Magnesium doped TiO2, Doped TiO2 photocatalyst, Phenol under UV visible light, TiO2 modification with Mg, The activity of doped TiO2 catalysts, Analysis of contaminated PBDES, Sediment samples using the triple quadrupole GC/MS/MS, The triple quadrupole GC/MS/MS, Lower LOD hence, Analysis method with higher sensitivity, Separation of recombinant erythropoietin isoforms by capillary electrophoresis, The study on the adsorption of methylene blue, Recombinant erythropoietin isoforms, Magnetically modified spent coffee grounds, EPO decides biological activity of products, Material and experimental methods, Distinguish recombinant products, MSCG prepared by contacting, Ammonium and potassium extracted, Determination and assessment of formaldehyde release, Soil samples by capillary electrophoresis, Wood–based panel, Capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection, Gas analysis test equipment, Adsorption of disp yellow rgfl (DYR) dye, Wood-based panel products, Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) – modified bentonite, Disp Yellow RGFL, Preparation of activated carbon from tea waste, Absolute configuration determination of a silafuran, Occurrence and photo - degradation, Modified bentonite as an organo-adsorbent, The modified mosher’s method, 9 pharmaceutical residues in effluents, and Removal of methylen blue, Model of equilibrium absorption, Methoxy proton chemical shifts, different initial MB concentrations, Photonic radiative corrections, Phenyl acetyl chloride, Peer feedback, O-methylene proton chemical shifts, Diative corrections, Peer feedback activities, GRACE system, English writing classes, Electron-positron annihilation processes, Students’ perspectives, Numerical calculation method, Rice producer, Rice storage, Changes in income, Rice export, Giang Điền industrial park, Simultaneous equation system, GMM and PMG estimations, Diversification index, Pro-poor growth, Local residents, Elasticity of poverty with respect to growth, Gross provincial product, Household recycling behavior, Implementation process, Simultaneous equation system model, Economic growth directly, Recycling attitude, Identifying barriers, Threshold 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Improvement Set, Based classification, R property, Markov process, Interconnection networks, Painlev´e-Kuratowski Convergence, Semidefinite linear complementarity problem, Propositional calculi, Continuous review, Network survivability, Using weak E-optimality, Graph operation, W-P properties, Inventory with service time, Present several graphs, Jordan w-P property, Overlay network, Perishable commodity, Meta–Heuristic methods, Transport network, High quantile estimation, Frechet derivative, Shortest queue, Multiple simultaneous failures, Negative dependence, Jockeying and impatient, Signalized intersection, The pareto distribution, Invex programming problem, Foraging habits of honeybees, Signal group, Predictive analytics, Requisite theory, Analytical approach, Strong metric dimension, Value-at-Risk parameter, Probability of Customer Retention, Equitable coloring, Electorate Redistricting, Headway of bus, Graph problems, Grouping traffic streams, Discouraged arrivals, Independent 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networks, Mining machinery, Automatic program synthesis, Multiple attribute decision making, Fractional variational problem, Algorithm composing, Process incapability index, Generalized invexity, Analytical formula

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