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Health care practices of Malnad gidda cattle Chest stabilization device Agro-chemicals on yield Pleasant scent High yielding lactating cattle Sub-1 rice varieties grown Citrusleaf mite Finger millet with different legumes Lateritic wetland soils of kerala X-ray exposure Invitro study of chemicals Intercropping of finger millet Indigenous herbal pesticides Bio-agents against Pestalotiopsis mangiferae Grey leaf spot of mango Panonychus citri on acid lime Oil spill Petroleum Hydrocarbon degradation Role of microbes Aschersonia aleyrodis Cyclic submergence Fungal pathogen of citrus black fly Mass production of Aschersonia aleyrodis Irrigation management practices of rice grown Serum creatine kinase activity Slaughter stress Nellore sheep Nellore sheep exposed Serum creatine kinase Canal command Irrigation water resources SES scale Resistance against yellow stem borer Control of weeds in wheat Quality of grain Zinc on morpho-physiological parameters Spawn run period Pinhead initiation and yield Growing media on physiological parameters Different hydroponics systems Hydroponics system Grape growers Diversity of aphid pests Women participation Aphid pests (Homoptera: Aphididae) Economic profile of the grape growers Carbon neutral management practices Women participation in agriculture Their natural bio-control agents Operationalization of socio economic variables Carbon neutral management practices in agriculture Vegetable crop ecosystems Farm sector Effects of agrochemicals Major pests of agriculturally important crops Composite culture Musa acuminate Fertilization modules Musa acuminate (Banana) Yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.) Composite culture of azotobacter Phosphate solubulizing bacteria Bradyrhizobium japonicum (Premax + Rizo-liq) Different rhizobium inoculants Different rhizobium inoculants on growth Randomized block design and yield Hybrid fodder sorghum (Sugargraze) Performance of hybrid fodder sorghum Sowing of hybrid fodder sorghum Antioxidant capacity of traditional rice varieties Management of early blight Dehusked grain was performed Management of early blight of tomato Bio-resource farm Per cent disease incidence of early blight Zoonotic diseases among livestock farmers Abortion due to brucellosis Regarding transmission of rabies Presynch-Heatsynch Heatsynch treatments in buffaloes Seasonal impact on ovulatory Heatsynch treatments Stability productivity Muzaffarpur etc Nano fertilizer on yield Stability of litchi production Litchi production Economics in tomato Productivity of litchi Tembotrione WCE Post emergence herbicides on weeds Marwari mares Ovarian ultrasonography Synchronization of estrus using prostaglandins HcG in indigenous mares Yeast and mould count Buffalo milk based khoa Burfi blended Deterioration and storability Seed storing potential Marigold genotypes during storage

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Marigold genotypes, Chickpea growers, Transplanted paddy to foliar spray, Chickpea production technology, Foliar spray of silicon, Response of transplanted paddy, Chickpea growers’ knowledge, Plant powders, Grain weight loss in stored sorghum, Rice weevil, Animal health concerns, Covid-19 and animal health concerns, Veterinarian perspective, Corona viruses, Genetic study, In vitro effect of culture filtrates, Cereal-legume, Chaetomium globosum fungus, Flower colour, Culture filtrates of Chaetomium Globosum, Nitrogen application in fruit trees, Quality yield, Influence of culture media on growth, Chaetomium Globosum on growth, Underutilized tuberous legume crop yam bean, Fruit tree performance, Forage quality of cereal-legume intercropping systems, Growth of soil borne pathogens, Inheritance of flower colour, Uterine prolapsed, Leaf crinkle virus, Date of sowing in Southern Bihar, Meteorological observatory, Resistance to biotic stresses, Rapid multiplication technique, Round melon, Technical intervention adopted, Hormonal and nutritional treatments, Round melon [Praecitrullus fistulosus (Stocks) Pangalo], Tuber growers, Transabdominal ultrasonography, Different nutrient level, Economics of maize based food, Employed for analysis of data, Nutritional treatments, Bovine ocular squamous cell carcinoma, Bakawand block was selected, Maize based food cum fodder system, Performance of round melon, Nutritional approaches in canines, Forage intercropping, Acceptability of turkey meat pickle, Estrus induction by hormonal, Fertilizer levels on productivity, Turkey meat pickle, Management of bovine eye cancer, Turkey meat pickle at room temperature, Lack of eyelid pigmentation, Variability in seed parameters, Weed control measure, Weed control measure on growth, Feed conversion, Germination allied enzymes, Watersoluble K, Furrow opener, Nutrient digestibility in pigs, Traditional tool, Furrow backfill, Maize by wheat bran on growth, Yield parameters of potato crop, Yield maximisation of finger millet, Corona virus, Genetic characterization of Indian mustard, Liriomyza trifolii (Burgess) on tomato, Planting of seed spices, Average heart rate, Depth of tuber planting on growth, RNA virus, Optimization of furrow opener, Serpentine leaf miner, Quality of land levelling, Farm women during using okra cutter, Time of planting, Silent killer, Influence of weather parameters, Levelling index, Rhizobium and mung bean, Mean squares, Emergence time, Symptoms of Covid-19, Biosurfactant production from Bacillus species, Lines and testers, Emergence index, Grown in red soils of Mirzapur, Planting on growth, Seedling establishment and seed priming, Soil moisture variability in safflower fields, Naturally aged seed of forage sorghum, Yield of mung bean, Component traits in bread wheat, Different types of mulching on growth, PMKSY beneficiaries, Influence of plant growth regulator, Disease prevalence, Prominence value, Grain friction, Sensitivity test, No of fingers, Post-operative wound, Pradhan mantri Krishi sinchayee yojana, Rootstocks on budding, Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-Graceum L.), Quality and tomato, Different types of antibiotics, Black point of wheat, Finger millet varieties (Eleusine coracana L.), Fruit crops in Bhubaneswar, Budding in greenhouse rose, Mechanical properties of fenugreek, Invitro susceptibility test, Medium size of land holding, Sowing on finger millet varieties, Antibiogram in post cesarean patients, Nematodes with fruit crops, Ensuing economic gains, Greenhouse rose (Rosa hybrida L.), Quality related traits in tomato, Staphylococcus species isolated, Sudanese anterior nares, BBF and soybean, Vermicomposting technology, Permanent manurial experiment, Biochemical constitutions, Farm mechnanization, Green gram seed, Chemical inducers, Pollen pisltil interaction, Java citronella, Bio efficacy of different novel insecticides, Recumbent cows Musculoskeletal disorders, Different sowing methods, Organic and inorganic fertilizer, Tillage equipments, Seed health, Physiological alteration in plants, Maize caused by Curvularia lunata, Fungicide spray schedules, Phalaenopsis Hybrid cv Shagan, Wild groundnut, Pectobacteriumcaro tovorum subsp carotovorum, Plant extracts and fungicides, Additional income, Number of tillers, Sub-tropical areas of Jammu, Insecticides against thrips, Yield of soybean in vertisol, Downer cows, Trichoderma viride against leaf spot, Causative agent for biochemical, Resistant and susceptible, Defense enzymes, Wide cross, Permanent manurial experiment on cassava, Fungicides in vitro, Grain yield in rice genotypes, Turn its influence on cocoon yield, Green gram seeds in Odisha, Coconut fibre, Particulars of insecticides used, Farm mechanization on crop productivity, Sensitive crop soybean, Leaf spot of maize caused, Susceptible rice genotypes, Pollen attrition, Mean performance of nitrogen, Comprehensive clinical evaluation, Chemical inducers in priming, Many seed borne pathogen, Sesame and yield, Potato yield, Reproductive behavior, Genotypes/varieties of blackgram, Certain triploid derivatives, Hydrological modeling, Wickerhamomycesa nomalus, Productivity enhancement of Toria, Mycorrhizal population, Topping on yield of summer sesame, Body morphometry in relation to season, Bio-chemical properties, Tolfenamic acid, Arid and semi arid, Heritability and rice, Heterosis analysis in F1 hybrids, Drip irrigation and fertigation, Stem hairiness pod arrangement, Mannan oligosaccharides, Native poultry breeds, Topping on yield, Pre-harvest spray of plant elicitors, Mycorrhizal colonization and survey, Body morphometry in relation, Elite rice (Oryza sativa L.), Crop is lower in farmer’s field, Factor at a time method, Diversity of lactic acid bacteria, NPK concentration and uptake, Root traits in maize, F1 hybrids of bread wheat, Sowing in Jammu region, Repeat breeding crossbred cattle, Egg and vermicompost, Shelf-life extension of Papaya, Evaluation of evapotranspiration methods, Improved seed performance, Body weight in Vrindavani calves, Productivity gain in cowpea, Association analysis in elite rice, Yield gap of toria, NPK concentration, Fermented fish products, Yield attributes of paddy, Morphological characters of greengram, Reproductive behaviour of Brassica juncea, Rice yield simulation, Wilt intensity in chilli, Sex in Vrindavani calves, Post anthesis drought, Wickerhamomyces anomalus SZ1 strain, Spice seed pelleting, Elite rice germplasm, Millet varieties of Assam, Resource utilization for better livelihood, Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) yield, Similarity evaluation, Rapid upper limb assessment, Kirby bauer disk diffusion, Biochemical responses of soybean, Physical of some millet varieties, Vietnamese textual documents, Rapid entire body assessment, Similarity evaluation in Vietnamese textual documents, Post anthesis drought stress, Copy detection, Workers involved in vegetable cultivation, Evaluating impact, Evaluating impact of uncertainties, Security of Vietnam power system, Vietnam power system, Abstract of Doctoral dissertation Computer science, 3D object detections, Geometrical constraints, Thesis abstract Computer science, Multi-organ based, Plant species identification, Large intra-class variation, Abstract of Doctoral thesis in History, Doctoral thesis summary of Education, Verbal process in English, Army’s economic implementation, Preventing crimes, Developing mathematical intuitive competence, Compared with Vietnamese, Army’s economic implementation in association, Infringement upon social order, Mathematical intuitive competence for students, Social order, Verbal process in Vietnamese, Vietnamese people's army, Social order in Southeastern Provinces, Teaching Mathematics at high school, Doctoral thesis of Cultural studies, Khmer cultural values, Building new rural areas, Culture and Khmer cultural values, Non-coding RNAs play, Human carcinogenesis, Ro-associated Y, TP53 Arg72Pro, Non-Hodgkin lymphomas, CT colonography, Multiplanar reconstruction, Lower rectal cancer, Preoperative T staging, Childhood intraocular malignant tumor, Short term outcome, Lymphatic microvessel density, Canine mammary cancer, Tumour suppressor genes, Small molecules potential diagnostic, Data resource profile, Tissue repository, Macrophage stimulating protein, RON isoform, Receptor tyrosine kinase, Subsequent primary colorectal cancer, Prior tumor, Kyrgyz population, X-ray repair cross-complementing group, TP53 target genes, Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinomam, Frequently altered, Radiation therapy centres, Leukemic cell, Membrane-proximal part, Membrane-distal part, Non-clustered protocadherins, Normal lymph nodes, Epigenetic aberrance, Best supportive care, Colon cancer cell, Acquired endocrine therapy resistance, ESR1 mutations, E380Q mutation, Cancer pregnancy, Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colorectal Cancer, Brain networks, Anthracycline cardiotoxicity, Shifting cancer care, German cancer society, Treating hematological, Neck muscle spasm, Dose tolerance, Médecins Sans Frontières, Breast cancer metastasis, Protein kinase C, P120-catenin, Adherens junctions, Orthotopic xenograft models, Small animal multimodal imaging, Transurethral instillation, Insulin-like growth factor receptor, 11-PPI-Mod, Esophageal malignant melanoma, T-lymphocyte antigen-4, Single-cell whole-genome sequencing, Multi-region whole-exome sequencing, Somatic copy number alterations, Early cancer diagnosis, Diagnostic pathway, Low-dose cytarabine, Myelodysplasia-related changes, Tailored screening, Risk prediction models, Intra-tumor transcriptomic heterogeneity, Screening mammography, Histone variants, Pancreatic tumor progression, The great leap forward famine, Breast cancer subtype, Appropriate targeted therapy, Invasive ductal breast cancer, Regular physical exercise, Drug-related side effects, Personalised screening, Protection against metastatic disease, S-1 plus cisplatin, Symptom awareness, Acute gastric volvulus, Carcinoma remains unclear, Symptom presentation, Anatomic abnormalities, Chilean women, Squamous dysplasia, Initial symptom, Low serum selenium status, Cancer disparities, Women’s health initiative, Insulin-like growth factor signaling pathway, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, Tumor-inhibition rate, Immuno-histochemical, Cancer patterns, Health problems worldwide, Line-1, Diffuse genomic hypomethylation, Long interspersed element-1, Natural transformation, Central venous catheter, Homeostasis model assessment, Integrated securement-dressings, Plasma insulin, Ovarian reserve, Premenopausal women, Developing sexual hormone, Larynx preservation, Various human solid tumors, Anabolic metabolism, CCR5-mediated increases, Metastatic pleural neoplasms, Immunomodulatory glycoprotein, Neoplasm grading, Systemic inflammatory index, Watchful waiting, Gastric tumorigenesis, H-1 parvovirus, Curative intent, Chinese health system, Green fluorescence protein gene, IGF1R inhibitor

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