Polo G "RAPSTAR" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified (2023)


Nearly a year after it was first previewed on Einer Bankz’s YouTube channel, Polo G’s “RAPSTAR” became the Chicago rapper’s first No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100. The official version of the track, which dropped this month, has already racked up 71 million Spotify streams to date. It is produced by Synco and Einer Bankz who also plays ukulele on the track. On the song, Polo G raps about his rise to fame and the struggles he’s experienced along the way.

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I, ain't, never had a single debut.

Number one., This, like, the normal music I, always make., It, ain't like I stepped outside the box with shit.

So I feel like that's, just a sign of what's to come for me.

I originally made the song when I was out in like Canada., And I had did the acoustic version.

For like a year straight.

Everybody was asking me for that.


My little brother'll, keep telling me like, "Man.

When are you going to drop this song?" Or? My sister'll keep asking me about it.

Like, "When.

You going to drop this song?" And.

Then I had just put in my search engine on Twitter, "Only bitch.

I give a conversation to is Siri.".

And I kept on swiping up.

And it was like two minutes long people tweeting it.

It had like 2 million views on the lyric video.

6 million on the acoustic on YouTube., 40,000 TikTok, videos., I'm, like, "No, I got to shoot this.

I got to do this.".

My pops had told me one time that BMW stands for black man, winning.


That became my favorite car after that., To be honest.

My first car was an Impala.

Like I used that to learn how to drive.

I, probably just learned how to drive like three years, ago., After that, like when I knew what something that I feel like I, look, nice, riding in, I copped.

The X7.

I was really just thinking about what I'm experiencing in life right? Now.

At that time I was leveling up as a rapper.

So that's.

What life was for me.

Planes flying, chains, clinking.

And I was in the studio moving around a lot and that's.

What was going on.? My son, that's like my little twin.

Parenthood, being a father, that's like a beautiful thing., You, know, I always wanted a son.

So, I just know, like.

You feel me, I'm grateful for my situation.

- The only bitch I give a conversation to is Siri, I made that the first verse, and I had already had that in my notes.

I always try to say, some type of punchline, or some type of one line that people going to remember.

I start feeling chosen like.

When I really took the path to wanting to be, a rapper.

I had involvement in the streets too, but it's like, I don't know.


Some reason it felt like I had angels looking over me or watching out for me or looking out for me.


It was a lot of situations that I'm like, "Damn like.

Why didn't it go this way? Or? Why didn't it go that way?" And I had this shit, where I always see a specific number.

It's like an angel, number, 757.

I, got it tattooed on my neck, on one side of my neck.

I, don't know, which side.

And, then I got the chosen one in the middle.

These, days, I really just pray for balance of peace of mind.

Just pray to keep a level head, for real.

'cause, I know, I'm gonna keep striving to get the shit I want., It's, just the shit.

You really don't.

See, because everybody like acting like everything, perfect.

But, shit.

Ain't perfect for nobody.

No matter how good you're doing.

So, I just really be praying for a peace of mind.

"Thinking about the old me,".

I'm really referring to my childhood, and really how I was brought up.

A lot of things that I miss.

You know, how like when your parents tell you enjoy being a kid while you were a kid, 'cause when you get older it's, a lot of responsibilities that come with that.

So, it's, just like when I have a kid in the world, when I could just do whatever I wanted to do.

Everybody got some demons that they fighting.

Everybody, got struggle with something.

You can be struggling with depression.

You can have a bipolar.


You can be fighting PTSD for something.


You feel me, got a battle that they facing everyday.


And behind closed.

Doors, I could be going through a lot.

I feel like just reflecting on all this shit I've been through up until this point.

I overcame, a lot of it.

But it's still fucked me to this day.


Something that happened to me way back when it could be a death in my family.

It could be where I had it.

Just, I was just going through a real rough time.

And, even though I made it out them situations like it's still, fuck with my mental.

I had left out the last line to the verse really just to make it a cliffhanger.

And in the acoustic version, I had cut it off like that.


So, I'm, like, "Yeah, I might as well.

Keep it the same way.", My pop's, a big Pac fan.

That was just the culture of our household to listen to a lot of different music.


First I was up on Lil Wayne.

But when I figured out I really wanted to rap, that's when I started looking deeply into Tupac.

And, then just finding out a lot of shit about him, like the way he moved.

You feel me.


He stood for.

Just the music he was making, the messages that he had.

I just felt like that's, what make him one of the all time greats., So that's, something that you can marvel, at.

Death come with being in the streets, and a lot of times people just glorify what, what going, the good that go on in the streets.

But it's, a lot of ..., the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to the street life.

So, I was just really giving some people with like a vivid image, like what could go down., Man, I got problems with anxiety.

All day, every day.

Shit, I, got anxiety, right? Now.

But, it's, just like, just thinking about it, like.

You know how sometimes your thoughts just so clouded in your head.

You got 1,000,001 thoughts at one time, you damn near want to scream.

Like, it'd be so, so much times when my anxiety just get overbearing., And, I'm, just like, "What.

The fuck." It feel great.

You feel me, to know, I'm still winning with all the shit, and the trials and tribulations that I went through, shit., 'cause, I, just.

Sometimes I, just think about like when shit was rough, or we ain't have it all.


Then you look up and I'm in this big ass, crib.

I'm doing an interview with y'all.

I got chains on my neck, shit like that., That make everything that I went through, like.

It wasn't that bad.

I could walk into a room and just read somebody's body.



We can have a small conversation., I feel like I.

Damn near got a person figured, out., Yeah, that's, definitely the reason why I ever speak on depression, anxiety., Just, anything emotionally that I know affect a lot of people out there., 'cause, I know, it's a lot of people that can relate to it.

Like, I, say, everybody going through something., Whenever, I feel that, feel that way or whenever I'm feeling down, I'm going to speak on it in my music just to help the next person get through what they going through.

Years straight.

Everybody was asking me for that song.


It went crazy on TikTok.

And I was originally supposed to drop a feature that I had with, with Durk and Kid LAROI for my next single.

But I had told them, after I was seeing all the signs like, "No I got to shoot this.

I got to do this.".


What does G mean in polo? ›

There are two meanings behind his name

The “Polo” in his name represents his favorite clothing brand of the same name. And the “G” stands for his friend who passed away at 16 years old, whose name was Gucci. Polo G also spoke on the name “Capalot,” which he commonly uses on his social media handles.

Who originally wrote Rapstar? ›

Why does Polo G call himself Ralph Lauren? ›

He started going by the name “Polo G” homaging his love of wearing Ralph Lauren Polo. “That was always my go to outfit when I went on lunch or anything important related to school. That was a big day for me when I would pop out in a Polo fit,” said Polo.

What is Rapstar by Polo G ranked? ›

“Rapstar,” released on Columbia Records, is the 1,122nd No. 1 in the Hot 100's 62-year history. It's the 52nd single to debut at No. 1.

Has Polo G ever had a 1? ›

This spring, the Chicago rapper and singer Polo G had his first No. 1 single with “Rapstar,” and now he has completed his victory lap with his first No. 1 album.

What is Polo G biggest hit? ›

"Pop Out" became Polo G's highest-charting song worldwide, peaking at number 11 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Who is the world first rapper singer? ›

Rap music is usually traced back to such late 70s offerings as the Fatback Band's "King Tim III" and Sugarhill's "Rapper's Delight", which were the first rap/hip-hop records.

Who was the first Mumble rap artist? ›

There is disagreement over who first rapped in such a style, although its creation has been attributed to rappers such as Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, and most notably Future, whose 2011 single "Tony Montana" is often cited as the first mumble rap song; however, there have been sources dating as far back as October 2011 of ...

Who invented rappers? ›

Rap began in 1971, in the Bronx, with Kool Herc, who was from Jamaica. At block parties, Kool Herc would play two turntables by hand and manipulate the sound to create an entirely new sound, while he rapped the lyrics from the song he was playing.

Who is Polo G favorite rapper? ›

He has been noted for his "vivid and explicit storytelling"; his lyrics often involve tough subjects, including racism and mental health. He has stated that American rappers Lil Wayne and Tupac Shakur are his biggest influences. He also grew up listening to Gucci Mane, as well as Chicago rappers Lil Durk and G Herbo.

Why is the polo logo different? ›

Polo History

The Ralph Lauren's logo is a world-famous trademark with a mounted polo player and horse but the mark has been registered in South Africa by L.A Group LTD which defeated an attempt by Ralph Lauren to reclaim the mark in 1977 under the old law which recognised only geographical rights.

Who created the polo logo? ›

It was Canadian-born British polo player Lewis Lacey, however, who birthed the logo of the mounted polo player when he opened up a sports shop in Buenos Aires, Argentina and began selling his shirts in the 1920s.

Was Rapstar number 1? ›

The song debuted at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 on the chart dated April 24, 2021, with over 6,300 sales, and 77.7 million streams.

How many Billboard #1 does Polo G have? ›

All three of the rapper's charting albums have reached the top 10. The 20-track Hall of Fame, released on June 11 via Columbia Records, contains Polo G's first No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, “Rapstar,” which spent two weeks at No. 1 (April 24 and May 1, 2021-dated charts).

Is Polo G shy? ›

Even though he seems a little reserved in person, Polo G is certainly not a shy guy.

What does Polo G 1300 stand for? ›

1300 is the number of the gang Polo G is affiliated in. Polo G was raised in Cabrini-Greens, which is the block of 1300 or SedVille. A lot of people say Polo is a black disciple, which is wrong. Polo G is GDK, or Gangster Disciple Killer.

Is Polo G Guilty or not? ›

Polo reportedly completed a Pre-Trial Intervention program to have the finally two charges dropped, and did not plead guilty, so the charges are now behind him. After completing a 6-hour anger management course, Polo G's misdemeanor charges for Resisting an Officer Without Violence have been dropped, TMZ reports.

Why is Polo G important? ›

Polo G was originally known for his Chicago drill sound, but eventually transitioned to a more melodic style. He has been noted for his "vivid and explicit storytelling"; his lyrics often involve tough subjects, including racism and mental health.

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