Metal RV Covers | RV Carports For Motorhomes & Campers (2023)

What will your RV Carport/Cover be used for?

While the terms “RV Carport”, “RV Cover” or “RV Shelter” suggests they’re for parking motorhomes and campers, an RV Carport/Cover is a lot more versatile than that. Depending on the width, length and height you choose, a MaxSteel RV Carport/Cover can be used for cars, boats, trailers, small campers, RVs, agricultural equipment, or even just as a shady place to spend time outdoors.

How many vehicles do you have and what size are they?

When determining the size of your carport or RV cover, account for the total length, width and height of each vehicle you plan to keep under the structure. In addition to vehicle sizes, it’s best to add width to allow doors to open fully and for some length overhang to ensure full coverage from rain or snow. Additional height will allow clearance for RV roof storage or HVAC unit access. Remember that metal carports and RV covers are measured by the height of the sides of the structure, not the peak of the RV carport/cover roof.

Are you storing more than just vehicles?

If you plan to store more items under your RV carport/cover in addition to your vehicles, you may want to consider adding more length to the steel structure. The pre-engineered standard lengths for RV carport/cover structures are 31’, 36’, 41’, 46′ and up, increasing in 5’ increments. Custom sizes are available for your carport or RV cover if needed.

Which roof style should I choose?

The metal roof type can make a big difference to the look and longevity of your custom metal RV cover/carport. It’s very important to consider the weather in your area and the location on your property when choosing the RV carport/cover roof.

Regular Roof
The regular style roof is an economical choice for RV carports/covers. However, because the panel ribs run gable-to-gable (end to end), the ribs can block natural drainage of rainwater or snow down the roof slope. It’s recommended that you purchase this style only if you live in an area that experiences minimal snowfall and in areas where tree debris and foliage won’t get trapped between the horizontal metal panel ribs of the carport roof.

Boxed Eave Roof
The boxed eave style roof has an A-frame Roof design like the vertical style, except the panels are installed horizontally. A boxed eave roof will provide a similar your RV carport/cover with a similar appearance as the Vertical roof, but it’s less expensive. But due to the direction of the metal panels, the panel ribs can hinder drainage and could trap snow or debris from nearby trees on the roof or the RV shelter.

Vertical Roof
If you live in an area that experiences heavy rain or snowfall, it is recommended that you go with a vertical roof for your RV carport/cover. With a vertical roof style, the metal panels run from roof peak to the edge, so the panel ribs run parallel to the roof slope, encouraging drainage. This prevents snow and debris from nearby trees from getting trapped on the roof. A Vertical Roof design is the best investment to extend the life of your RV Carport roof.

Where are you installing your steel RV carport/cover?

Prior to installation, MaxSteel will ask for photos of the building location to ensure that the site is level and to address any job site concerns including room for assembly. If the ground is not level or does not meet job site requirements, additional onsite charges may apply to ensure that the structure is level and safe. If you are installing on concrete, it must be level and square. The pad can be 1 foot shorter than the roof length (i.e., 25′ for a 26′ roof length) due to the 6″ overhang on each end.

Do local building regulations require certification?

Depending on your area, local building regulations may require that your metal structure is certified to handle a specific snow load or wind load. Contact your local building department to determine if this applies to you before purchasing your new steel RV carport/cover. If your certification is required, contact a local MaxSteel Buildings dealer for more information.

What features would you like to add to your steel RV carport/cover?

The roof, trim, and sides on all our carports and metal buildings are available in a variety of colors to help match your home or to customize the look of your new RV Carport building. Fourteen colors are standard options that add no extra cost. The others are premium colors that automatically come with a 40-year rust-through warranty and color-matching screws, but any color can be upgraded to premium to achieve the extended warranty and matching screws.

Sides and Ends
Metal panels can be added to the sides or ends of our pre-engineered metal RV carports to provide extra strength and protection for your vehicle and valuables. Those metal panels can fully enclose the sides of your RV carport/cover, or just partially.

A gable is the triangular portion of the RV Carport or metal building that encloses the upper portion at the end of a pitched roof. Metal panels can be used to enclose and conceal the gables of your metal RV carport structure, adding support and strength in the process.

Metal J-trim gives your steel RV Carport a finished appearance and covers the bottom edges of the side panels or gables.

Does your new metal RV carport/cover need additional strength or support?

Upgrade the Frame
The standard steel gauge used for all metal RV Carports is 14-gauge, which measures 2 ½” x 2 ½”. If you would like to upgrade to a RV Carport frame with a higher strength that can better support high snow and wind loads, then a 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” thicker wall 12-gauge steel frame would be recommended.

Additional Bows and Trusses
Bows and Trusses are structural supports that add support and stability to the roof. You should consider additional supports for your custom RV Carport design if you live in an area with heavy snow or other intense weather.

Anchor types
The anchor used will depend on the foundation type for your steel structure. If additional hold-down strength is needed, contact one of our friendly building specialists for more information.

How much does a RV carport/cover cost?

The average cost of a metal RV carport/cover starts at $2660 based on the structure and area of installation, but metal RV Carport prices vary based on sizes, roof styles, and customization options. MaxSteel metal RV Carports include delivery and installation and we offer a variety of payment options including rent to own.

How do I get some metal RV Carport advice and place my order?

Contact one of our friendly local dealers to get started on your design or to place your order. The MaxSteel network of dealers are experts at helping customers design the metal building that’s best suited to their needs. Just plug in your zip code and we’ll show you the dealers closest to your home. MaxSteel structures are available for viewing at dealer locations.

A small deposit is required when you place an order for your metal RV Carport; but the percentage will vary by size and delivery location. Based on the pre-tax amount, the remaining balance may not be due until your MaxSteel building is installed.

Before the scheduled date of your RV Carport building installation, you need to make sure the ground is level, the foundation is set, and the area is cleared of debris and the crew has room to work around the building. Our installation crew will use magnetic rollers to sweep the assembly area to pick up most loose screws.

MaxSteel Buildings is fully committed to ensuring that YOU are satisfied with your purchase, so we offer all customers a 90 Day Workmanship Warranty and a 20-year rust-through warranty on metals frames and panels assuming normal user care and maintenance.

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