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“Do It Yourself”. Here, we pay our attention to the homemade fishing rod. Yes, you can be a DIYer to make your fishing rod as well.

You know, crisis or situation come when you’ll have to make a fishing rod with any kind of things available nearby. Now, the question is- How to make the fishing rod at home?

Don’t you have any bamboo, stick or PVC pipes in the home? If it’s, then why to buy the expensive rod for casual fishing? Take fishing lines, hook, cutter and basics. And, shape it to your desired pole.

However, it needs a formal guide to make a robust one. Right? Follow the methods and easy steps here; hopefully, you would find your suitable one.

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How to make a fishing rod at home?

If you are a casual angler, we will say- having an expensive rod wouldn’t worth it for you. In this case, what will be your option is that, looking for some home tools and make yourself a DIYer!

If you have bamboo/ pipes/ sticks (please don’t say that you don’t have any!), you can easily make your fishing rod by following our methods.

We have added these three methods here.

  • Bamboo fishing rod
  • PVC fishing rod
  • Simple stick fishing rod

Let’s Begin with the Bamboo rod.

How to make a bamboo fishing rod at home?

While making a DIY fishing pole, this one should be your first choice. Yes, the bamboo; it’s really an ordinary, robust material for making a rod that works just fine for panfish, the bass even for small catfish.

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However, let’s Begin to formulate it.

Here, what you will need –

  • Light bamboo
  • Fishing line
  • Hook
  • Floater (optional)
  • Sinker (optional)

Now, follow the steps

  • Size the bamboo cane

In the case of making rod with bamboo, you needed to mention one thing that bigger is not necessarily better. You may face difficulties with the larger one to hold and transport it.

Try to keep the bamboo in this standard ratio

Length: 8-10 feet (2.4 -3 m).

Diameter : 1-2 inches ( 2.5 – 5.1 cm)

  • Smooth the cane body

Put a knife in the tip of the bamboo and slide it down. Do that again all over the cane body until it becomes smooth. Then you can rub it with sandpaper to make the pole smooth as much as possible.

  • Leave it to dry

Well, thereafter, dry the bamboo pole. While drying, keep concerned about some issues-

  1. Don’t expose the cane directly to sunlight as it leaves a chance to make your rod brittle.
  2. Dry it until the rod turns in a tan color. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to dry out thoroughly.
  3. Ensure that they can dry evenly. You can hang it with a string on the ceiling for that.
  • Attach fishing lines

Take the fishing line you have and tie its one end above the handle. Then run the line until you reach the tip of the rod. You can take about 20lb line as it would be standard for such pole.

In terms of the length of the line, remember that, the longer it is, the tougher it is to control. Here, you can take the line as-

Length of the pole + extra 2 feet (it can be the same or monofilament leather)

However, now take some extra pieces of lines then wrap them in 2 to 3 points to tie the running line to the rod.

  • Put the hook, floater and sinker

Now, tie the end of the line. In this aspect, you can select the preferred one between two different types. Tie it properly and of course carefully!

However, if you need sinker and floater, then tie them as well. By doing this, the rod will be more handy, and comfortable to use.

Making a PVC pipe’s fishing rod

You can make your own fishing rod with the material you can find at your home or garage. Yes, the PVC pipes; these are such standard tools you know!

However, if you have a premade fishing reel, you need just the instruments for making the rod-

  • Two PVC pipes with different diameters
  • Cutter
  • Two slip capes
  • Two threaded connectors ( female and male)
  • Paper pins/binder clips.
  • Drill machine

If all instruments are ready, let’s start the making-

  • Cut the pipes

Your two pipes should be different in diameters so that, one can insert into another. Now, using a hacksaw or any cutter, cut the two tubes in the same length.

If it isn’t in the same length, nothing to worry, just remember that the total length of these pipes should be the same as the ultimate rod size that you are going to make.

  • Smooth the edges

After completing the cut, you need to smooth the edges and any markings from the body of the pipes. You can use here sandpaper.

  • Attach the threaded connectors and slip caps.

The treaded connectors come to secure the female and male joint, and these lead the pipes fitting into one in another.

Then the slip caps; why these needed- you are wondering?

Well, if you can store tickle or anything else you want on the pipe by removing the caps from its one end! Won’t it great?

  • Drill holes in smaller pipes

To drill holes, you’ll need a hand drill tool. With that, try to make at least three to five holes with maintaining a minimal space between each one of them.

  • Hook up the eyelets

Take the paper pins or if you have binder clips, remove the silver wire only. All you need to give the clips on a circle shape or loop.

You can use pillars to bend them. Joint their one leg across another and attach the joint loops into the holes. Clip the legs into another part of the holes or wire them.

Also, you can use here strong glue or tapes to attach the loops in the hole.

  • Fix the premade reel to the larger pipe

Before adding the reel, drill two holes on one side of the larger PVC pipe. Take the fishing reel and simply screw it on the spots that you have just drilled.

  • Join the pipes and fishing line

Finally to form your fishing rod screw the two pipes together. Then run the line through the eyelets also attach hook, sinker and floater according to your need.

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No, your fishing tool is ready to run!

Simple stick fishing rod for kids

Fishing is just like a play, you know! It’s not only for the adults. And, for your kids, you need something that will easy to make and handle, and of course, comfort is a must.

So, for this, you no need to gather such pricey items but some fewer like this –

  • A sturdy stick (8-10) feet
  • String (20 feet)
  • Fishing line (2-3) feet.
  • Hook

Then, simply follow the steps-

  1. Cut the stick at desire length.
  2. Remove the leaves and branches and smooth it with sandpaper.
  3. Tie one side of the string. But, not exactly on end; try to tie it about four inches from the lower part of it.
  4. Warp the remaining string until it reaches to another end of the stick.
  5. Tie the fishing line to the rest end of the string.
  6. Attach the hook to the fishing line.

The great thing about this rod is: it’s safe to use, and you can unwind enough string from the end of the pole to reach the required depth.


See how easily you can make your desired fishing rod at home. However, if you have already decided to make a homemade one, our suggestion would be –

“Ensure your safety at first. Especially, while cutting, drilling and attaching the hook; these are seemingly dangerous DIYing, you know!”

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