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Taurus Tremani Bartlett goes by his rapper name Polo G is one of the rising stars in the US music arena, and this icon after releasing one of his most popular songs “Pop Out” has recently been considered as dead across numerous social media platforms.

Some of the prank websites such as Trend-News or Channel45 News had published bulletins claiming his death by a gang drive-by shooting, by a drug overdose and so on.

This begs to find out the answer: Is Polo G dead? The short answer is, NO! If so, then what gave rise to such rumors?

I mean, there must be something substantial, something that created a domino effect leading towards the current situation. Maybe a near death incident, or his presence at a threatening situation.

We are here to spill all the beans and reveal how it all has come to Polo G’s death news.

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  • “Is Polo G Still Alive?”: What Caused This Rumor?
    • Biography of Polo G
    • Polo G’s Career Overview
    • Fight Against Drugs
    • Thoughts

“Is Polo G Still Alive?”: What Caused This Rumor?

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In the early phases of his career, Polo G has been widely known as a hardcore drug consumer. There have been a couple of occasions that saw him leave the scene after a drug-induced reaction resulting from overdose.

After a few small incidents, there was a shockingly HUGE one that found Polo G on a hospital bed. On August 12, 2019, Polo G posted on his official Instagram account that “I got a lil too lit last night” and that he had almost died.

This post was retweeted & re-shared on the social media platforms which instigated the basic notion of his death. Even it got featured in XXLMag that Polo G has been hospitalized and admitted to the emergency room.

Such a news left his die-hard fans in tears and prayers. Although it was a near miss, his fans & rumor websites have picked up the idea and added the tension of “is Polo G dead?” to his list of affairs.

A 23-year old young rapper found dead after a drug overdose didn’t sound like an impactful news. For a boost in publicity, the fake-news websites and rumor articles started spreading that Polo G is involved in gang business.

In this situation, a gun-shootout resulting in Polo G’s death was far more likely to grab the attention of his fans and the general audience.

What additionally gave credibility to such fake news is his history with depression and drugs that he publicly acknowledged on multiple occasions.

Death & Depression

Polo G has been obsessed with death for a major portion of his life. He has been diagnosed as clinically depressed, and such fascination with death at such a phase of life can sometimes result in fatal goodbyes.

It has happened with Linkin Park’s iconic vocalist Chester Bennington, and Bennington’s best friend Chriss Cornell’s similarly upsetting & tragic passing away. Polo G has lost his friend & fellow artist Juice WRLD the way Bennington did due to drug overdose induced seizure.

Thus, the fans are always afraid of losing their favorite stars in the hands of drugs and depression.

Even apart from public appearances and social media posts, Polo G has sung about trauma and depression and how he has been tormented & confined within this phase from a very young age and what it had cost him in his life.

The audience, his fans, could relate to his experience and it is one of the major reasons for him gaining such popularity so fast, apart from his musical talent.

But it leaves a question behind as well that there’s still so many individuals out there who are seeking refuge from mental illness and are hardly able to find any proper means of treatment.

Biography of Polo G

Given below is a brief overview of Polo G that’ll give you a broader insight into his personal life and some of the information that you thought you knew but you actually didn’t!

Real NameTaurus Tremani Bartlett
NicknamesPolo Capalot, Lil Capalot, Wolo G
Place of BirthOld Town, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Active RapperFor 5 years (2017–present)
Height69 in (176 cm)
Net Worth$7M
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Polo G’s ManagerStacia Mac (his mother)
No. of Children1 (Tremani)
First ODA Record2020

Polo G’s Career Overview

Is Polo G Dead? Find Out The Real Truth Behind This News - CelebrityStats (2)

Prior to such death rumors and hoax news, Polo G had started his career and is still now on the way towards the peak of popularity. Within such a short span of time, this artist has reached so many achievements that many dream about their entire life!

He made his debut with his 2019 album Die a Legend which initially saw it reach the prime at the 6th spot in the Billboard 200. The subject matter of his musical pieces are very important issues like racism and mental health that need to be addressed straight away, and Polo G has done exactly that.

This album has also received the platinum certificate by RIAA due to its success. His second album in 2020 The Goat carried the momentum onwards with appreciation from not only his fans, but also the critics as well.

This album took him back up the Billboard Hot 100 chart with the presence of TEN of his songs! For all of his vivid & tactful musical productions that won the hearts of thousands, Polo G has been nominated for the MTV Video Music Awards in 2021.

For his contribution to the RAP music industry across the globe, he was featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 list of musical artists which falls as a landmark achievement in Polo G’s rising career.

Apart from his Instagram account, Polo G is currently active on Twitter @Polo_Capalot, where you’ll be able to learn about his latest thoughts and works. He has made numerous appearances on music videos, podcasts and TV shows that leaves his fans wanting for more, and we’re certain that he’s capable of doing so in the near future.

Fight Against Drugs

From all the “Is Polo G dead” to the debunking of such hoaxes, something beautiful has happened there on the account of Polo G. After his near fatal experience with hardcore drugs such as ecstasy and Xanax, he has taken a bold step that is worth a grand appreciation.

In an interview with The Guardian, Polo G stated that “Death and depression made me lean towards music. It became therapeutic.” He went on to further opening up about his emotional vulnerability with the most honest utterances ever recorded.

This shows what depression can do to even the most successful individuals, and it leads towards the fall into an unclimbable pit of drugs. Polo G knows that he’s not alone, that he has fans who are going through the same, and he wishes to be a beacon of hope & example to be followed.

For being able to do that, Polo G has stated in a documentary made on his life that he quit drugs like ecstasy and Xanax for good. These cannot be the solution to mental illness, depression & trauma, and these issues need to be dealt with professionally, and talked about publicly.

Ever since, Polo G has been publicly talking about death & depression apart from the medium of music, and his actions leaves aspirations for millions who shouldn’t have to meet the same fate as Bennington or Juice WRLD did.


Polo G has found refuge from depression in music, much like thousands of his fans and admirers. His actions like drug abuse did give birth to rumors like “is Polo G dead”, but it ended up doing these good things too.

We IN NO WAY appreciate fake news or rumors of any kind, and debunking them, reaching the root of them and exposing them to you is our prime goal. We cannot but admire the brave stance Polo G has taken out of such difficulties, both in his personal life and the ones that the media had created.

Polo G’s message of the magic & beauty of music, that it contains a healing power from within, is an inspiration for us, and a reminder as well, that you aren’t alone, and it’s okay to talk about mental illness, and it’s never too late to seek help & redeem yourself the way your favorite star has done.

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