Home office wall decor ideas – 10 ways designers make your workspace feel more creative (2024)

Home office wall decor often gets left as a finishing touch. The focus, with designing a home office, tends to be on the practical. Where will the desk go? How big will the desk be? How much storage can you fit in? Is the Wifi good enough? And of course, these are important things to consider. But as well as functioning effectively, you also want your home office to be a space you want to spend time in, as you are probably going to be spending a lot of time in there. So you do need some touches that are going to make the room feel like it reflects you and your style.

Hence why home office wall decor ideas can be just as key as the perfect desk. So we asked designers to share their favorite looks and how to recreate them so you can get inspired to add a ton of personality to your workspace. From statement wallpaper than can be hung in any sized office, to impressive built-in storage systems that are every bit as practical as they are beautiful.

Home office wall decor ideas

1. Make it personal

Home office wall decor ideas – 10 ways designers make your workspace feel more creative (1)

(Image credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors)

Now we aren't talking cliche motivational quotes, but we do think choosing home office wall decor that's really personal to you can be inspiring. Maybe a piece of artwork by someone who inspires you, a portrait of someone who inspires you, or sure, if you wanted to, a quote that inspires you. Hang it above your desk so it becomes the focus of your workspace.

'I love whenofficewalls have personal touches.' explains designer Marie Flanigan. 'Whether it’s a piece of art that means something to thehomeowner or even framed mementos, it’s neat to have points of interest that are meaningful. Plus, one should also think through storage and what might be required to maintain an efficient and organized space. That often includes open shelving or cabinetry.'

'Our client for this project, Krissy Lefebvre, is an attorney and powerhouse female in her own right. It seemed only fitting that a portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg should hang above her at-homedesk. This piece is inspirational and adds an essential pop of color to the space.'

2. Go for a modern take on paneling

Home office wall decor ideas – 10 ways designers make your workspace feel more creative (2)

(Image credit: Katie Monkhouse)

Perhaps when you think of wall paneling ideas, your mind goes to something quite traditional, something that would suit a period property. However, if you are looking for a way to add interest to your walls in a more modern, minimalist way, embrace the trend for slat walls. A contemporary take on wall paneling, the look can be adapted to suit all styles and works particularly well to add texture and interest to a home office without totally overwhelming the space.

'Thishomewas fully tiled on the main level and we knew we wanted to add a lot of warmth with the millwork and createsomething thatmatched the more modern style of thehome.' explains designer Katie Monkhouse. 'We went with a white oak slat installation that made theofficenook feel like a feature and not an afterthought. The natural oak brought so much warmth to this mostly grey and whitehome.'

She continues, 'I thinkmodern homeoffices should be minimal in the decor. Visual noise can be really distracting. I like paneling or millwork to add interest to the walls without being too loud or busy. I also think a textural wallpaper like grasscloth would be a good choice. As for art, I would opt for oversizedphotography of a landscape or someone who inspires you to make a big statementbut again, keep the space somewhat minimal.'

3. Add chic storage with cubby holes

Home office wall decor ideas – 10 ways designers make your workspace feel more creative (3)

(Image credit: Anson Smart)

And not all home office wall decor has to be purely aesthetic. Wall storage gives the perfect opportunity to add in some personality, while also providing space to store books, files, tech etc. We do always say if you have books, you have decor, they just add some much color and interest. Especially if you are a bit of a coffee table book collector.

We love how in this relatively small home office, designed by Tamsin Johnson, feels both super elegant and yet very much lived in too, thanks to the slightly disordered books that fill the cubby holes. Proof that you can curate just a touch of chaos in a home office and it works.

'Ithink home office decor isvery personal as some people look to a minimal space with clear surfaces but I find beauty and inspiration in lots of books, plants, art, and objects in a space.' explains Tamsin.

4. Or keep it simple with floating shelves

Home office wall decor ideas – 10 ways designers make your workspace feel more creative (4)

(Image credit: Natalia Miyar)

And if slightly organized chaos is not your vibe, keep it really simple with just a couple of wall shelves. In this space designed by Natalia Miyar, the subtle black shelves do everything you need from home office wall decor – they add a slight amount of interest but don't overwhelm the room, and in this case, as they sit to one corner, they give an unexpected asymmetrical aspect to the room. Plus they add some handy extra storage.

If you have gone bold with your home office paint ideas, we would recommend keeping your wall decor relatively simple. Although you want your home office to feel personal to you and reflect your style, you don't want it to be a distracting space that's too visually stimulating. Minimalist wall shelves or a single large print would work best.

5. Pick one statement piece and have fun with it

Home office wall decor ideas – 10 ways designers make your workspace feel more creative (5)

(Image credit: Ed Pulella)

Home offices get a bit of a reputation for playing it very safe when it comes to decor, after all they are very practical spaces. But that should be even more reason to have fun with what you choose to put on your walls. Sure, you have think practically when choosing a desk or picking out storage, but your wall art is where you can ditch practicality and be purely creative.

'For this particular project, our client Christina Haack wanted to take some chances with theofficedesign and give it a coastal California feel. We came across this image of a fearless 70's skater girl and thought it was the perfect image for the workspace.' explains designer Raili Clasen.

'One statement piece of art behind the desk is a fun way to add personality to the space without adding clutter. Natural woods make a great base while accenting with a colorful rug and a fun chair give it just enough personality. And as always, trees, trees, trees!' she adds.

6. Use bold colors to create contrast

Home office wall decor ideas – 10 ways designers make your workspace feel more creative (6)

(Image credit: House of Jade)

Your go-to might be to keep the color palette simple and neutral in a home office, but there's so much research and color physiology to back up going bold in your workspace. Now while there are a few colors to avoid in a home office, blues and greens are proven to have both soothing and mood-boosting effects.

If color drenching your space seems daunting, be inspired by this home office and add an accent color by painting any built-in cabinetry, and then keep the rest of the walls fresh and white.

'Thisofficewas right off the entryway to our client'shomeand we really wanted something that made a statement.' says Kirsten Krason, co-founder of House of Jade. 'The beautiful blue paint color on the cabinetry draws the eye into the room. We had a large window we couldn't move but it turned into a great opportunity to add a charming window seat. We used the blank wall behind the desk to fill with meaningful art flanked by wall sconces. This layered decorative lighting can be used in the evening or morning when harsh overhead lighting would be jarring.'

7. Make a statement with all over wallpaper

Home office wall decor ideas – 10 ways designers make your workspace feel more creative (7)

(Image credit: Studio DB)

Wallpaper can work wonders in a home office, especially in a small home office. Rather than stick with just one feature wall, take the print around the whole space, it's an easy way to make a home office feel bigger as it blurs the dimensions of the room. And while it may sound distracting to be surrounded by pattern, pick the right one and it will turn your boxy home office into an inspiring, cocooning space that gives you a lift each time you sit at your desk.

Our top tip for choosing a wallpaper for your home office is to keep the color pallet limited and don't go too small and busy with the print as they could get distracting.

8. Create a calming space with minimalist pieces

Home office wall decor ideas – 10 ways designers make your workspace feel more creative (8)

(Image credit: Anson Smart)

'It could be easy to overlook the décor in an office, when in actual fact the office deserves as much attention as the likes of the living room or bedroom, given the vast amount of time spent there.' explains Jen & Marr, founder of Interior Fox. If you have struggled with how to work at home effectively, you'll know the surroundings make a big difference.

'The space should feel inviting, calming, but most of all, inspiring. While pattern and color can be used in an office, steer away from anything that feels too chaotic or has the potential to distract you. Instead, look for a soothing palette that reflects the outdoors. As for prints, a beautiful landscape or fine line drawing works wonders at adding a little personality and style to your office, while adding to the overall scheme.'

9. Curate the perfect bookshelves

Home office wall decor ideas – 10 ways designers make your workspace feel more creative (9)

(Image credit: House of Jade)

'Our client had a large collection of books and personal items that we wanted to display for their home office. They wanted these floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to give them ample storage but to also create a place to showcase their favorite things.' explains says Kirsten Krason, of this space that doubles as home library. 'We usually go dark in the office but here we decided to go lighter to make all of our accessories stand out. They needed a large desk so we opted for a small dining table instead of a typical desk.'

The key to well-curated shelving, especially if you want it to cover a whole wall as seen here, is not to pack it too full. Negative space is essential, so rather than just seeing a wall of clutter, you can easily take in each item individually. And vary the shapes and height too, to add depth – note how the color scheme here is neutral but the texture from the mix of textures, materials, and shapes adds all the interest.

10. Decorate with a classic gallery wall

Home office wall decor ideas – 10 ways designers make your workspace feel more creative (10)

(Image credit: Irene Gunter Interiors)

Gallery walls are the perfect way to inject color and pattern into a room, but in a home office, you don't want to go overboard on covering your walls in clutter. So think small scale, just three, or four pieces that will add the interest without adding too much distraction.

This home office designed by Gunter & Co. gets it spot on. There's an odd number which immediately makes it more eye-catching, and despite the layout of the prints and mirror being balanced, it's not symmetrical. It's simple and yet considered.

And we love the inclusion of a mirror. Bringing in items you would usually find in more lived-in rooms like sofas, armchairs, floor lamps, or in this case a mirror, always makes a home office a more welcoming space.

What can you use to decorate home office walls?

'We always recommend something personal in ahomeoffice,' says Kirsten Krason, co-founder of House of Jade. 'Our clients spend a lot of time in their workspaces and it's nice to look up and see something that motivates or inspires you.'

'For some, it's black and white photos of their grandparents to remind them where they came from. For others, it's an oil painting that they picked up at a flea market as they traveled. Consider lighting as well. A picture light over a piece of art can really dress it up or a wall sconce on a large wall will be the perfect finishing touch for youroffice.'

Essentially, use your home office wall decor to make the space feel more like you. Use these ideas to take your home office from a space that feels purely functional, to a room that's every bit as stylish as your living room or bedroom.

Home office wall decor ideas – 10 ways designers make your workspace feel more creative (2024)
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