Best of Santwon on Wild ‘N Out ✨ (2023)


A look back at some of Santwon’s most unforgettable Wild ‘N Out moments, from on-point Hood Jeopardy answers to Wildstyle bars.

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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.


(Upbeat, hip-hop, music), ♪ I'm from the New School.

♪, ♪.

My name is Santwon ♪ ♪ I'm about to cook.

This half-used tampon.

♪, ♪.

Your hair is gross.

And your lips is probably plastic ♪ ♪ Take off all at makeup.

And you'd probably look Jurassic ♪ (audience, cheering) - Oh, Oh.

I'm, not done.

Oh, I'm, not done with your ass.

♪ She, riding (beep) from Hong Kong over to Mars ♪, ♪ Girl, how your kitty smell like it got SARS, ♪, ♪, You, hoing all around the world, ♪ ♪, And that's.

The truest facts ♪, ♪, Whora, The, Explorer, ♪, ♪, Where's, the map for where your booty's at ♪ (audience, cheering), (bell, dings) - Okay, white girl.

These are called spices.


You got, see right? Here., (audience, cheering), (bell, dings) - No, baby.



Come in here, unless you get this notarized., (audience, cheering), (bell, dings) - And broke it.

- Oh, (beep).



You say, the number was again? - Three.

(audience, cheering), (bell, dings) - [Nick] They, don't know what that is.

- Ha ha.

Bro, this club packed than a (beep).


Give me one right? Here., (audience, cheering), (bell, dings) - Need to get my exercise for my ribs.

(audience, laughing), (bell dings) - Boy, I'm telling you.

I'm about to quit.

This mother (beep) job., I'm tired of waxing.

These goddamn floors.

(audience, cheering), (bell, dinging) - Give it up for Team.

New, School., (audience, cheering), E-Man, Maddy, Chantel, Bobb'e, J, Mimi, Radio, Big, Mack and somebody mama.

Is that Santwon mama? All, right., (audience, cheering), (upbeat, hip-hop, music), ♪, Come on let me see that booty ♪ ♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪, See me when I shut ♪, ♪ They can never get enough.

♪ ♪ Yet.

They always got to (beep) ♪.

♪, But I got a cute butt like ♪, ♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪, I.

Do it for my mommies, ♪, ♪, Try and call your girl lobby.

♪ ♪, And, can't.

Nobody stop me.

♪, ♪, Cause.

Your girl got body like ♪, ♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪, Hey.

How ya doing ♪ ♪, My name, Mama Wap, ♪, ♪ I might be a hundred ♪, ♪, But I like to make it drop like ♪.

♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪, Speed.

It up, speed.

It up, speed.

It up, like what ♪ ♪ Look to the right and I look to the side.

♪ ♪, Booty, filling up the jeans ♪ ♪, That's cakes on the rise like ♪, ♪ Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪, I say, ugh, ugh, get it, get it ♪.

♪, My, booty, Picasso.

It draw attention.

♪, ♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪, Chilling with a groupie ♪, ♪, And, I'm playing "Call of Duty".

♪, ♪, But, I, stop cause.

I know, I wanna get up on her booty like ♪, ♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big booty, got a big ol'.


♪ ♪ This is the D Plan out from Detroit ♪, ♪ Did, a call and shout out to He-Man.


♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪ One to the two to the three to the four ♪ ♪, Stop bitch, put it on the floor, ♪ ♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big, booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big, booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪, Yeah, you know, I bring it low ♪, ♪, Yeah, I know that I'mma go ♪, ♪, Hey, I, wanna hit that thing to the toe like ♪, ♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪ Shout out to my girl ♪ ♪ Man.

She fine as hell.

♪, ♪, And, I, really wanna go to make her big booty yell like ♪, ♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪, Put him in the pan.

He is baking ♪.


I got knees just like bacon, ♪, ♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪, You say, you wanna smoke.


♪, Then, I got a pocket of skunk ♪, ♪, And.

You already know, DJ got drunk ♪, ♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪, I, see a couple bad thighs with the ass shots, ♪, ♪, Then, I, bend 'em over quick.

♪, ♪, Then, I hit 'em with the jackpot ♪.

♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪.

My name is Mimi and I like to play ♪ ♪ Give.

You a hook up and watch me (beep), ♪, ♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big, booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪, ♪, Big.

Ol' booty is the name of the game.

♪ ♪, And, B, you looking like a big chain, ♪ ♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, ♪, Big, booty, big, booty, got a big ol', booty, ♪.


(Video) Hit Man Holla & Santwon McCray Funniest moment 🤣 | Wild ‘N Out #WildNOut #FunnyMoments #Subscribe

My name is Santwon.

Wait, no.

It wasn't ♪ ♪, You know, what, see something keep (beep) ♪, ♪, Ooh, big, booty, ♪, (audience, cheering), (bell, dinging) - DJ D-Wrek, who won, man? - I gotta give that to Maddy and the New School.

Make, some noise for 'em, y'all.

(audience cheering) - Santwon worked his thing on that one.

♪ Yo I'm all across the nation.

♪ ♪ I.

See you all salute that's in a admiration ♪ ♪ Yes, like a lasso ♪, ♪, I, throw this ass, ♪, ♪, Yeah, I, throw this ass, though ♪, ♪, Yes, that's.

My title ♪ ♪ Reading through these scriptures, ♪ ♪, I call it.

My Bible ♪.

♪, Ooh, I got a crush ♪ ♪, Ooh, y'all (beep), wavy, ♪, ♪, Did.

You use a brush.

♪, ♪, Like, a cattle, ♪ ♪, I'm bout to win.

This (beep) Wildstyle battle, ♪, ♪, Man, that's, not an option ♪ ♪, Oh.

My God, Nick, ♪, ♪, Are, your kids for adoption.

♪ ♪, You can't see me, ♪, (audience, cheering), ♪, Why.

You bullspittin' ♪, ♪, Why.

You bullspittin' ♪, ♪, Why.

You bullspittin' ♪ - The scene is an insane asylum.

- That look (beep).


- They tried to make me wear a straight jacket.

(Audience, laughing), (bell.


The scene is comedy club.

- No, no, no, no, no, no., Help, me., (beep), (audience, laughing), (bell, dings) - Your scene is in a blizzard.

- Yeah, no.


The perfect condition for running.

It's really soft on your feet.

Yeah., (audience, laughing), (bell, dings) - Your scene is bouncy house.

- Bro.


Don't do it.

No, no, no, no., Stop, stop., Don't do it.


My God.

(audience, laughing), (bell, dings) - Where'd.

He go? (DJ, D-Wrek laughing) - All right.

Your answer is situations that make you question if God really loves you.

- What is, Con.

You wanna come pull it out and show 'em? (audience, cheering), (bell dings) - Your answer is things that shouldn't be said at work.

- I got it.

(buzzer rings) - What is most of that (beep) Santwon be saying?, (audience, laughing), (bell, dings) - Wow.

- Your answer is phrases that trigger a fight in the hood.

(buzzer rings) - What is "Your.



Rings) What is "WorldStar"?.

(Audience, laughing), (bell dings) - Your answer is aspects.

Nick Cannon looks for in a woman.

- Ah.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

- You know you don't, sit your ass.

- Damn, Bobby mad.

- What is fertility?.

(Audience, laughing), (bell, dings), (buzzer rings) - What is a pulse? (audience, laughing), (bell dings) - You just trying to say, I'll hit anything? - Your answer is.

A mother from the hood would say this., (buzzer, rings) - Man, I tell you right now.

If I gotta come up there at that school house, I'm gonna tear your ass out the frame.

You understand me?, (buzzer, rings), This, gon' hurt me, more than it's.

Gon' hurt you., (buzzer, rings), Move, your hand., (buzzer, rings), Move, your hand., (audience, laughing), (bell, dings) - Your answer is.

Black people do this, when they think the world is ending., (buzzer rings) - What is, still feel the window to see if they gotta get up to go to work in the morning.

If it's, too cold, I ain't, going., I, ain't, going., (audience, laughing), (bell, dings) - All right.

Classes that should be mandatory before getting a diploma.

(buzzer rings) - In order for you to graduate.

You have to take a class in common sense., (audience, laughing), (bell, dings) - What is? What about the "What is?", Godfrey?.

- He went to community.

College., He's, stupid., (buzzer, rings) - What is, what is.

- What is, how to use a blinker? Cause.

This bitch keeps cutting me, off.

And now, I'm late for mother, (beep) work., (audience, cheering), (bell, dings) - Hood superhero.


(Buzzer rings) - What is Emily? Cause.

My mom's a superhero.

And she from the hood.

So, yeah., (audience, laughing), (bell, dings), ♪, Eat that ass up ♪ - Getting new new shoes., (upbeat, hip-hop, music), ♪, Eat that ass up, hey, ♪, ♪, Eat that ass up, hey, ♪, (bell, dings) - Okay, Santwon.


The walk.

- Y'all got Sassy Santana on your team.

♪ Eat that ass up, eat that ass up ♪ (audience cheering) - Mm-mm.


(Video) Jaw is on the FLOOOOOR 💀 #WildNOut #Shorts

- [DJ D-Wrek] Maddy's.

Messing it up for y'all.

(Audience, laughing), (audience, cheering) - I.

Consider this a huge honor to be able to say to you, Oh., (audience and Nick laughing) Your.

First Wingstop was in Memphis, Tennessee.


The name of the starting point guard that plays for the Memphis Grizzlies.

- I know, the answer.

I know, the answer.

I'm just not gonna say it yet, but., (audience, laughing) - Ja Morant?.


You got it.

He got it, everybody., Ja, Morant.

- The boss didn't, get it wrong.

Come, on., (audience, cheering) - Can I cancel? - Hell yeah.

You can.

- Can I cancel? - Hell yeah.

You can.

- Can I cancel women over 50 saying, period? Ma'am, you don't have one.

(audience, cheering), (bell, dings) - Can I cancel? - Hell yeah.

You can.

- Can I cancel? - Hell yeah.

You can.

- Giving a damn.

What anybody thinks about you, Cause, it's, 2022., Okay., And.

You gon' need to shine baby.

(Audience, cheering), (bell, dings), New, Jersey, turn up.

- Turn up for what? - Cause.

My best friend blocked me., (audience, awws), But, I'm on your mother, (beep) TV, screen., (upbeat, hip-hop, music), (bell, dings), ♪, They, watching.

They watching ♪ - All right., New, School, wild out.

- Y'all better come on with it.


Hip-Hop, music), I, got it .

I got it.

I got it, I got it.

♪, Mm.

Mm, ♪, ♪, We, getting money.

♪, ♪, Mm.

Mm, ♪, ♪, We, getting money.

♪, All, right., No, no, no, no, no., No, no, no., No, no., No, no, no., No.

- Kevin Hart., Kevin, Hart, (bell, dings), All, right, guys., Hurry, up., (audience, cheering) - Oh.

My God.

(Santwon, screaming), Get off me, bitch.


My God.

(audience cheering) - [Nick] Drop.

It up, drop.

It up, drop.

It up.

(audience cheering) - Hey, girl.

Yeah., What's, up?, Y'all know, ladies get in free.

Boy, tell I'm on the way right? Now., You already know what it is, sis.

I'm gonna see you there.

Okay? No.

You ugly.

Okay., You, wait, hold on., Okay., Hold, on., Hey.

My (beep), I'm gonna have to call you right.

Back., Cause, goddamn., (audience, cheering), (bell, dinging) - New School.

Give me Santwon here., I need you here.


Cheering), Old School.

Give me Justina.

I need you here., (audience, cheering), Well, let's, roast.

- Why you look like you showed up 10 minutes early to a (beep) appointment.

- Because I'm, punctual., (audience, laughing) - And also, ladies and gentlemen.

Introducing, "Breaking, Bad", Meth-mouth.


She comes equipped with daddy issues, stuffed bra and a lust for appropriation.

Ass sold separately., (audience laughing) - [Emmanuel] Man.

- I'm 10 minutes early for my (beep) appointment.

She's got ass sold separately., Ass sold separately., Ass sold separately.

- Yeah.

The ass sold separately.

I didn't get shots like you., Look- (whistle, blowing) - You, out.

- Got damned., (audience, cheering), (bell, dinging) - [Nick] A.

Hell of a game.

- The topic is sleeping.

(upbeat, hip-hop, music), ♪, Get it and get it and get it and get it ♪.

♪, Sleeping, I, love.

It ♪ ♪ I.

Think it is great ♪.

(Video) Every Single Season 16 Greenery Screenery ✨Wild 'N Out

♪, Us bears.

We love to hibernate ♪, ♪, Bears like the hibernate ♪, ♪ That's.

What it seems ♪ ♪ Last night, I had about seven wet dreams, ♪, ♪, Seven, wet, dreams?, God, you're, a creep ♪ ♪ Do me a favor and go back to sleep.

♪ ♪, Go back to sleep, I could do that ♪ ♪ All I gotta do is play Eminem's, whack ass.

Diss track ♪, (audience, cheering), (bell, dings), ♪, Baby, mama, baby, daddy, ♪, ♪, Baby, mama, baby, daddy, ♪, ♪, Baby, mama., Yo, who wants the drama ♪ - My baby daddy, Kyle, is so fine.

- How fine is he? - That Hitman, actually, has agreed to stop blowing my DM's up and my damn phone, too., (audience, cheering), (bell, dinging) - That Hitman? You been in his DM's, Hitman?, ♪, Baby, daddy.

Baby, mama, ♪, ♪, Baby, daddy.

Baby, mama, ♪, ♪, Baby, daddy, baby, mama, ♪, ♪, Yo, who wants the drama ♪ - DJ-Wrek's? Baby mama is so old.

- How old is she? - When.

She left the museum.

The alarm went off., (audience, laughing), (buzzer, buzzes), What.

You mean? - Because.

He said, like she was an exhibit in the museum.

- I understood what he was saying.

- Like.

She was prehistoric.

- It just wasn't funny., (upbeat, hip-hop music) - Come here.

Boy., Come, here, boy., Come, in, come in.

♪, Please believe I'mma, leave him feeling defeated ♪, ♪, Yeah, I lied and said, the sex was good ♪.

♪ That's.

Why he's conceited ♪ ♪, Huh, ♪, ♪, C-C-C-Cut.

The beat, I just diss, you ♪ ♪ Ugly ass, (beep), ♪, ♪, I'd, probably (beep) smack you but I'd.


You ♪, (audience, cheering), (bell, dinging) - Everybody say, "Damn, Santwon." - Damn, Santwon.

- Come on, Justina., ♪, Yo, keeping it a hundred.

You can't rap like me, ♪, ♪, Your hair, look like some Kool-Aid back off me.

♪ ♪, Yeah, I know, you mad, you ain't black like me, ♪, ♪, You act like me, your ass.

It ain't fat like me, ♪ ♪, What, ♪, ♪, Watch, your mouth, ♪, ♪, I'll, knock your tooth loose, ♪, ♪, I'm, a serial killer.

And you a Fruit Loop, ♪, ♪, You know, me? Yes, indeed, I'll, slap a bitch, ♪, ♪, You on your knees so much ♪ ♪ You need to change your name to Kaepernick ♪ - Woo, bars.


Raising of the bars.

- Don't talk about her., Oh, Lord., Hey, E., ♪, Like, your knuckles.

Your bars are dry.



Your braids are struggling too ♪.

♪ You should moisturize ♪.


Come, on, come on.

Con., ♪, Con, your jewelry's, really something ♪ ♪ But.

We all know that you're making up for one thing, ♪, Next., (audience, cheering), (bell, dings), ♪, Mr.

Bennett is smooth as silk ♪ ♪ But.

We all know that he's gonna age like milk, ♪, Next.

- Wait a minute, hold on.

- Damn, Santwon.


Last night I was sleeping in the PM ♪.


Until Hitman started sliding in my DM ♪, (audience, cheering), (bell, dings) - Damn, Santwon., ♪, Uh, uh, uh, uh., ♪, ♪, Uh, ♪, ♪, Santwon.

You an overachiever ♪, ♪, You, tried out for the football team as wide receiver.

♪, ♪, Then.

You change your profession, ♪, ♪, Gimme, an A, gimme, a B ♪, ♪, Since, you're, a cheerleader ♪ ♪, We know, everybody gave you the D ♪, (audience, cheering), ♪, I'll, slay, you, trick ♪, ♪, I'll, kill you, trick ♪ ♪, I'm, the matrix, bitch.

And you just a glitch ♪, ♪, I'm alpha and omega, bitch.

♪, ♪, I'm, new.

You old like Sega, bitch, ♪, ♪, Hey, listen.

Let me tell you I'm really, really nice., ♪, ♪, Your, mother's, overweight, Thanos had to snap twice ♪, (audience, cheering), (bell, dings) - Yo.

- Talk to 'em, Santwon.

- I'm on my Yee-haw (beep)., Yippee, Ki-yay.

Stay out.

My DM's, that's, Yippy, Ki-gay., Excuse, me.

- Hold on.

Hold on., Hold, on., Hey, hey., Hold, on., Time, out., Time, out, Santwon., If.

A man had on a saddle.

You would really straight ride.


No wonder this the country episode and I'm battling Billy, Gay, Cyrus., (audience, cheering), (bell, dings) - Wait, hold on.



You go nowhere, Con., No, no, no, no., Team, New School, got the drip like a fountain.

Your daddy's, calling me cause I broke his back like a mountain.


Cheering), (bell dinging) - That was a low one.




♪ This is for my girl, Jessie.

♪, ♪ She's about to be my new bestie in the Tessie ♪ ♪ Could.

She be so clean that it's filthy ♪, ♪ In like butter and her hair.

So silky, ♪, ♪ With, my girl, Justina, ♪, ♪, The, queen of Wildstyle.

Cause her bars are so meaner ♪, ♪, And, ooh, yes, Amber's.

So fine, ♪, ♪, That thing you did to Cardi's tongue do that to mine ♪ ♪ I came for the bell, not the buzzer ♪ ♪ Santwon out here, Wild 'n, Out, just because a ♪ ♪ I came for the bell, not the buzzer ♪ ♪ Santwon out here, Wild 'n, Out, just because a ♪ (audience, cheering), (bell dinging) - Santwon did a whole compliment.

(Video) 16 Times the Ladies Put the Fellas To Shame 💥💃 Wild 'N Out


He, just went around saying, niceties to everybody.

- That was nice.

♪, Wildstyle., ♪, ♪, Smooth like butter.

So sweet, I'm, edible, ♪, ♪, I, spit, fire.

You should call me.

Incredible ♪.

♪ Bobby, look like a burnt Q-Tip, ♪, ♪, That, (beep), whack.

And we know he's got no real drip ♪.


Ancient power call me.



♪ Clips is one slice away from getting diabetes.

♪ ♪, From, the front to the back to the floor, ♪ ♪, Your wig is dry.

You should moisturize more ♪, ♪ From, the front to the back to the floor, ♪ ♪, Your wig is dry.

You should moisturize more ♪.

(Audience cheering) - Don't do it like that., ♪ Yo, mic check one, two, one, two, ♪, ♪, Santwon, Wild, 'n, Out with the New School crew, ♪, ♪, Hey, and that's on gang, gang, ♪ ♪, Justina, look like my favorite kind of Starburst, ♪, ♪, If.

It got gangbanged ♪, ♪, And, Karlous.

You ain't, looking too slim.

♪, ♪, You need exit of the 85 and get in the gym ♪ ♪, Wildstyle, ♪, ♪, Wildstyle, ♪, ♪, Hey.

Okay, ♪ ♪ They say, when you travel, you walk too much ♪, ♪, You sound like gravel.

Cause you talk too much ♪.


Your voice is torture, your court's, a vulture ♪, ♪, Your, hair's, hella red, that's because I torched, you ♪ ♪ They call.

It double dribble, that's.

My (beep) in your face, ♪, ♪, When, I, finish, that's.

What I call shooting a J ♪ ♪ So.

What you gon' say, ♪, ♪, Boy, Santwon likes the D ♪, ♪, The, only D that you get is after S and T, ♪, (audience, cheering), (bell, dings), Justina, ♪, Black on black, yeah.

We got the stamina ♪, ♪ You, look like a dug out high school janitor ♪, ♪, And, you.

You know.

We do it better ♪.

♪ It, look like the Teletubby's (beep) on your sweater ♪ - He's talking 'bout, you.

- Can y'all do that? Put that beat lock, put that beat lock.

- Spin.

It back.


The beat.

- Hey yo, Santwon.

He is wearing a toupee.

Y'all, ain't, know?, If, I, flip this (beep) back right, now.

He'd be a ♪ Bald-headed, ho, ♪ - Season 17.



Do it better.? Your? Birth certificate was an apology letter., Excuse, me, Jesse, Woo, it's time to face front., You probably got glue hanging from yo, lace run., And, wait a minute, Jack Thriller.

This ain't, rocket science.

You up here, built like a kitchen.


I gotta get this off.

My chest.

Nick, your wee-wee's, real tired.

You should give it a rest.

Bring that (beep) beat back.

- My what?, ♪, Wildstyle, ♪ - Nobody asked, but I'm gonna say it though., You bad built.

And you got face for radio.

I see them used goods are burning like a fireplace.


If we talking beauty, sleep, I, think you need to hibernate.

And, Justina, your weak bars, I, eat those.


Look like someone (beep) banged, a bag of Hot Cheetos., (audience, cheering), (bell, dings) - [Justina] Okay., (upbeat, hip-hop music) - Can.

You cut the beat for a second, please.

- Oh.

- Can I.

Please have Charron to the front please? - Oh, I like this battle right? Here.

- Be careful, Santwon., They call cops.

- They do?.


First one's gonna leave your knees like jelly.

From, the slums of Canada, Water, Gun, Kelly., Bars, hella filthy., Your bars, just stink.

Canadian bacon.

So little, you'd probably miss it.

If you'd blink.

♪ Wildstyle, ♪, ♪ You should know that don't play ♪ ♪, He's, scared.

Look at Con's face, ♪, ♪, Send you to walk with Jesus.

Now you Kanye ♪ ♪ He was in my room last ♪, ♪, Oh, wait, Con, gay, ♪, ♪, Well, that don't surprise me, ♪, ♪, I, ain't, never thought that Con straight ♪, ♪, One, more thing, your future.

A joke, ♪, ♪, The only time you reach new heights, ♪, ♪ Is when you sit down and smoke ♪, ♪ Hold up.

One time, ♪, ♪, Is there, a reason you're conceited, bro, ♪, ♪, Cause.

Your guess is good as mine.

♪, (audience, cheering), (bell, dings), ♪, Wildstyle, ♪.


What episode is wild and out with Santwon? ›

He appeared as a Co-Captain in the "Saucy Santana" episode in Season 17. He was entirely on the New School team in Season 18, except for the "Chrisette Michele/Novi Brown" episode. He gifted Nick Cannon with a customized Wild 'N Out ring. He is the fifth openly gay cast member to join the show.

Who is the leader of Wild N Out? ›

Wild 'N Out is an American sketch comedy and battle rap improv game show television series created and hosted by musician and comedian Nick Cannon currently airing on VH1. It debuted on July 28, 2005, on MTV.

Did Doja Cat work on Wild N Out? ›

Doja Cat; Big Daddy Kane is the second episode of Season 15 of Wild 'N Out on VH1. Rapper/singer Doja Cat and rapper Big Daddy Kane make their second appearances on the show. Doja Cat appears as the New School Captain, Big Daddy Kane appears as the Old School Co-Captain, and a musical performance by Doja Cat.

Who was the marshmallow on Wild N Out? ›

Electronic music producer Marshmello and actress Sherrie Silver appear as the Black Squad Captains, producer OG Parker makes his third appearance on the show as a Special Guest, and a musical performance by rapper Yella Beezy.

How much money is Nick Cannon worth? ›

Nick Cannon's net worth in 2023 is $50 million. This is according to outlets such as Celebrity Net Worth. Nick Cannon was born on October 8th, 1980, in San Diego. He studied at Monte Vista High School.

What season did Justina Valentine start on Wild N Out? ›

In 2016, Valentine was added to the cast of season 8 of Wild 'N Out on MTV (later VH1) and has been a member of the cast for every successive season since.

How old is Justina Valentine? ›

Who is the red haired rapper on Wild N Out? ›

Justina Valentine is an (Italian) American TV star, known as the quick witted fan favorite from Nick Cannon's Wild N Out and for rapping up the news on the The Nick Cannon Show .

Who is Nick Cannon wife? ›

Image of Who is Nick Cannon wife?
Mariah Carey is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. Referred to as the "Songbird Supreme" by Guinness World Records, she is noted for her songwriting, five-octave vocal range, melismatic singing style and signature use of the whistle register.

What made Doja Cat quit? ›

“No more pop,” she tweeted, leading fans to suspect that she may be considering leaving the music industry all together. Having clearly been influenced by her fans, Doja revealed that the feedback that she received has swayed her to go in a different direction, creatively speaking, for her next album.

Why did Doja Cat canceled her show? ›

Doja Cat cancels tour, festival appearances including Lollapalooza, due to throat problems. Doja Cat canceled her tour and all festival appearances this summer to recover from tonsil surgery, she tweeted Friday.

Who was Doja Cat flirting with? ›

Doja Cat Flirts With Dylan O'Brien on Twitter | Hypebae.

Has Lil Wayne ever been on Wild N Out? ›

Channel. Omarion/Lil Wayne is the eighth episode of Season 1 of the improv comedy show Wild 'N Out on MTV. This episode features former B2K's member singer Omarion as the Black Team Captain and Cash Money artist/rapper Lil Wayne as the Musical Guest.

Was Amber a wild n out girl? ›

Amber first appeared on Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out as a Wild 'N Out girl from Season 7 to Season 9. She returned to the show as a Wild 'N Out girl in Season 13 until Season 15. She became a recurring cast member from Season 14 to Season 17.

Where is Wild N Out filmed 2023? ›

The TV show is filming in ATL. Nick Cannon will be bringing the entire cast to film season 21 of Wild n Out from May 23rd to June 4th.

What season and episode of Wild N Out is Zendaya on? ›

Zendaya/Ne-Yo is the fifth episode of Season 7 of the improv comedy show, Wild 'N Out on MTV2. This episode features Disney actress/singer Zendaya and singer-songwriter Ne-Yo (who is also the Musical Guest) as the Platinum Team Captains. This is also Ne-Yo's third appearance on the show.

What season and episode was Lil Durk on Wild N Out? ›

Watch Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out Season 12 Episode 19: Lil Durk - Full show on Paramount Plus. Sign up for Paramount+ to stream this video. Nick Cannon, Lil Durk and Bernice Burgos battle it out in games: Flow Job, Talking Spit, Remix and the Wildstyle battle.

What season was Sasha Banks on Wild N Out? ›

Watch Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out Season 12 Episode 10: Sasha Banks - Full show on Paramount Plus. Sign up for Paramount+ to stream this video.

What season and episode is Josh Richards on Wild N Out? ›

Josh Richards/P-Lo is the tenth episode of Season 18 of the improv comedy show, Wild 'N Out, on VH1.


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