23 DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Attract Birds (2024)

Wondering how to attract birds to your backyard? A bird bath is a perfect way to bring life, beauty, and a sense of welcome to your yard. This article shares some of our favorite DIY bird bath ideas for creating an inviting paradise for songbirds. From simple materials like a bucket or ceramic container, you can create something unique for your outdoor space - whether for you or the birds! These bird baths can be attractive to your outdoor space or garden. This is perfect if you are looking for a low-cost and easy DIY project. All you need are a few simple materials and some creativity. Songbirds are attracted to yards where fresh water is available, so adding a bird bath will help attract new feathered friends to your home garden.

Hanging a birh just in your backyard is one way to get birds more interested and attracted to your house. It's easy to build than you think; you can make a birdbath in just a few hours if you have the right tools and materials. Making a bird bath is simple, yes. But choosing which style, size, shape, material, and most importantly, safety—are things that you shouldn't take lightly because it's safe for your feathered friends. That's why we listed DIY Bird Bath Ideas that will Inspire ease and save you from spending too much on store-bought ones.

DIY Bird Bath Ideas

23 DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Attract Birds (1)

DIY Bird Bath Ideas is a great way to make your backyard more attractive for the birds, improve their habitat projects to look beautiful, and offer your feathered friends a refreshing drink. These ideas are also great because they are quickly and easily built in your backyard doesn't require spending much money and time. By creating these unique bird baths, you can make your garden more attractive for the birds and create a whole new space for them to enjoy. Check out all these fun ideas below!

Easy PVC Bird Bath

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If you love birds, you know that the simplest way to attract them is with a source of water. This DIY PVC Bird Bath is easy-to-make and requires just a few essential tools. The stand can be placed on your balcony railings or deck railing. The materials include; 1 ¼" PVC pipe, one ¼" PVC threaded plug, one ¼" PVC cap, one ¼" PVC female adapter, a tray with a flat bottom in the center, and Gorilla Clear Prima Glue 4oz. First, measure the desired height, then cut your pipe to size. You are good to go!

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Fun Concrete Bird Bath

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This concrete birdbath is a decorative addition to your garden. It's a great way to attract birds and their potential companions and an attractive feature for your space. This can be quite a simple project, but in this tutorial, you will learn how to make this birdbath using these supplies; 90mm PVC pipe, 90mm PVC push-on cap, a flexible tube, preferably made of silicone or rubber, a flower pot tray, 6mm steel rod, adhesive, and concrete.

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Easy Log Bird Bath

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This project is for the DIYer who wants to make a birdbath using ash logs. Ash logs are relatively soft, so it is easy to drill holes into them. This is not a project for children, but adults can easily learn how to do it. You will need some basic tools, like a drill set and hammer. This tutorial teaches how to make this simple yet attractive birdbath for your backyard. The instructions lay out in easy steps how to make your bird bath.

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DIY Bird Bath Plan

23 DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Attract Birds (5)

This project is for you if you love having birds around your home. It's a beautiful bird bath, with plenty of space for birds to splash about. Made from pine, the base needs some weight to avoid sag and losing support. The bowl is just three pine boards bolted together, which can be easily removed when not needed or refitted with different fittings. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step guide on building a bird bath. This simple project can be done with only simple tools and materials.

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DIY Bird Bath Tutorial

This birdbath can be made from one's own home, yard, or garden. It's even better if you have outdoor pots or saucers! You'll need to ensure enough surface area for the birds to rest on. In this video, you will learn how to create a birdbath from an existing planter or saucer by painting and decorating it. After watching this video, you will have confidence in creating your DIY birdbath!

How To Build A Concrete Bird Bath

If you love the birds and want a garden feature that will attract them to your backyard and birdbath, this project is for you. Learn how to make a concrete birdbath and have fun at the same time. It's simple and easy, as long as you follow our instructions carefully. With this how-to guide, you can turn a plain old boring concrete garden fountain into a beautiful bird bath fountain in no time!

Homemade Bird Bath

23 DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Attract Birds (6)

Bird baths are fun and easy to make using glass vases and wood slices. The key to this project is the decoupage. It gives your birds a place to relax by the water and enjoy their surroundings. Decoupage is like painting; you adorn the surface with paper cutouts or other materials. This is a fun way to upcycle your glass vases into something superb and really pretty. In addition, paint the center of your wood slices to make them more colorful and outstanding. Follow this guide, and you're sure of having this incredible work done.

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Garden Planter And Bird Bath Idea

23 DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Attract Birds (7)

We will be using the DAP Household/Aquatic Adhesive to glue the pots together, but any other type of adhesive would work well in this case. For the base, we will use an 8-inch tall terracotta pot. Next, we will create a support system for our planter to keep it from tipping over as an added function. We have provided both simple and complex versions of each part of this project to help make it as easy or challenging as you want, depending on what you would like to build.

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Bird Bath Fountain Tutorial

A beginner can build this DIY Bird Bath Fountain in about 8 hours. But if you are a professional with some experience, it will take only 3 hours to finish this project. This fountain is designed to blend into the landscape and provide a peaceful ambiance while attracting birds and butterflies. This DIY tutorial will show you what materials you need and how to assemble them in just a few hours, including time to let them dry.

Recycled Glassware Bird Bath

23 DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Attract Birds (8)

Set the stage for your eco-friendly yard or garden with this Recycled Glassware Bird Bath. Thrift Shop vases, a clear plate and bottom plate as a base, and a small glass bird all make up this creative bird bath. The timeless style of this bird bath is sure to add a unique touch to any decorating project. The glass bird, also known as a faucet bird feeder, is designed to keep small birds hydrated by dripping water into their open beaks.

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DIY Bird Bath Idea

A birdbath is a simple water feature that provides your yard with a fun and relaxing ambiance. You can make it by placing a shallow bowl on top of a solid base so that it has enough stability to stand up. This DIY project uses plant stands, gorilla glue, and acrylic paint to make a beautiful birdbath. It also creates a kind of difference around the environment as it draws birds' attention to hover around.

Teapot Bird Bath Plan

23 DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Attract Birds (9)

This fun and a whimsical bird bath are surprisingly easy to make, especially if you have an old teapot gathering dust in the attic. Paint it with bright colors, then cut your edges with a disc sander. Use glue to attach various cups, containers, and saucers to cover the spout. The bowl is then secured with glue and allowed to dry overnight before adding a coat of wax. This DIY teapot bird bath is a perfect conversation piece for your garden and an ideal setting for birds to have a bath.

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Bird Bath Made Out Of Boxes

Would you like to build a new birdbath? You can make one using the supplies you have in your home. This DIY birdbath offers an easy project for craft lovers and beginners alike. The neat thing is that no special skills are required; look at this guide, use everything you already have in your home and assemble it by following the simple steps. This is a fun DIY project for kids, bird lovers, and all people who enjoy nature and like watching birds and decorating their garden.

How To Make A Bird Bath


In this video, it is hoped that you see the potential of creating your bird bath for your yard. It is a very inexpensive project and can be made in no time. A little wood, some paint, and ingenuity will bring joy to birds and people alike. Birds also have a hard time in summer, and many die due to dehydration. By making this amazing wooden birdbath, you might just be saving these birds daily by providing a drink to stay hydrated.

Solar-Powered Hummingbird Bath

23 DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Attract Birds (10)

This solar-powered hummingbird bath is the perfect product for the backyard bird lover who wants to attract hummingbirds and other small birds. Hang this beautiful birdbath from a tree or mount it on a pole for a closer look at your visiting avian visitors. This solar-powered hummingbird bath saves you money on electrical bills since there's no power required! A soft glow illuminates birds as they feed at night, providing an extra safety element.

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Cute DIY Bird Bath Creation

23 DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Attract Birds (11)

This project is basic and easy; it's an inexpensive birdbath that won't take long to get done. It's perfect for someone who loves the outdoors or can't get enough birds! Make this at home using unused or fairly used items such as; Round baking tray 8", Aquarium decor plants, Paints brushes, Empty food can, Acrylic paints, and Some colored stones. This is a fun and easy project that won't take long to get done and will cost you very little money as well!.

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How To Build A Recirculating Bird Bath

This recirculating bird bath is an easy project that will delight you and your feathered friends. Using towels or socks, you may use a fountain top with the recirculation system built-in or transfer water from one container to another. The goal is to fully submerge the rock fountain below the surface of the water so that air entrapment is prevented from causing splashing. You can find or purchase all the materials at your local home improvement store or online; completing this project will only take a day!

Recirculating Bird Bath Fountain

23 DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Attract Birds (12)

To make this birdbath fountain, you will need a submersible pump with a ½" outlet, a 16" diameter plastic flowerpot with no drainage holes, and ¼" holes around the bottom to allow water to drain. The second material is a piece of ½" flexible tubing. This can be found at local home improvement stores or garden centers. Do not substitute materials or use different-sized pots. Next, you will need a cake saver (plastic grid), plant saucer, soil, and plants.

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DIY Bird Bath Video Guide

Making a birdbath is easy, but to do it properly, you must pay attention to the water conditions. Choose a small or large bath depending on how many birds you want to attract. With some time and effort from you, this product can be a great deal for both your wallet and nature's ecosystem. This video will show you how to make a DIY bird bath in just 10 minutes using an old ceramic vessel, a bucket, and water!

Natural Bird Bath Creation

23 DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Attract Birds (13)

If you love nature, this birdbath project uses natural elements to create a more natural bird bath. Rocks, clay, and wood are all used in the process. Using a variety of rocks, you can create an interesting focal point in your garden. The stones, which come in many shapes and sizes, bring natural beauty, and some give the appearance of water, as with this rock basin. Mixing them in an informal, slightly random manner will ensure the overall effect retains its charm and appeal by not being too neat or formal. This bird bath's more natural and wildlife setting adds a remarkable beauty to the backyard landscape.

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Homemade Cement Bird Bath

This video is an instructional video that shows you how to make a cement birdbath. It will teach you the steps on how to make a homemade birdbath which is one of the easy and inexpensive DIY projects that can be done in your backyard. This video is very informative and will teach you about the tools used for cement and the process of making a cement bowl for birds. Take your time following the steps carefully and learn how to create a functional and unique birdbath for your birds.

Stacked Stone Bird Bath

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Birds need their water sources, too, especially during the hot summer season. This easy DIY tutorial shows you how to make a stacked stone bird bath with items already around your house. You can use rocks collected from your backyard or at a park, purchase new ones at your local nursery or hardware store — or even choose one or two large pieces of moss-covered stone from your garden. This easy project is a great way to utilize the materials you have on hand and create a lasting water source for the birds in your backyard.


Carved Concrete Bird Bath

The Carved Concrete Birdbath will be best to give birds a safe environment and a comfortable place for them to drink water, bathe and play. This elegant water fountain has a large surface area surrounded by the caps, creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Conveniently placed at eye level, this birdbath will offer your backyard or patio area an accent you’ll enjoy watching as much as it delights your feathered friends.


Do you like watching birds? We have the perfect solution, homemade bird baths. Build your DIY bird bath at home with these simple and easy-to-follow instructions; it's so simple and easy that even a novice can enjoy the process. We have listed these 23 DIY Bird Bath Ideas to help you build a safe and refreshing habitat for little birds.

23 DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Attract Birds (2024)
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