18 Old-Fashioned Recipes That Are Still Rocking Today (2024)

I’ve tried and tasted lots of food in my life, but there are some recipes that I always go back to.

These recipes I learned from my grandmother, my mum and some I learned from my mum friends. These classic, old-fashioned recipes never disappoint! They’re old, but still bloody delicious!

If you have favourite old-fashioned recipes share them with us so we can update this list and add more.

1. Ginger Crunch Slice

Oh, I droll just thinking about this slice… a delicious biscuit base with a sharp tang of ginger crunch on top – takes me back to my childhood and it is really easy to make! This one is particularly good for fete’s – it will get snapped up uber fast!

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Grab the Ginger Crunch Slice Recipe Here

2.Golden Syrup Steamed Pudding

This recipe always reminds me of my childhood – and it is a recipe that I love to make in the Winter months to enjoy with the boys, with a great big scoop of vanilla ice cream!

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Grab the recipe for Golden Syrup Steamed Pudding Here

3. Sand Cake

Sand Cake is an old fashioned cake that is a cross between a sponge cake and a butter cake – it is easy to make because you just throw all the ingredients into a bowl and beat it! Totally delicious!

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Grab the recipe for Sand Cake Here

4. Lemon Lunch Box Slice

I came across this recipe that was written on an old piece of paper wedged into one of Mum’s recipe books – I made it and it was amazing!

Grab the recipe for Lemon Lunch Box slice Here!

5. Coconut Jam Slice

Another oldie but a goodie. I love this coconut jam slice for afternoon snacks because it’s filling and satisfying at the same time!

Grab the recipe for Coconut Jam Slice Here

6. Custard Cream Biscuits

Custard creams – always a crowd favourite and super easy and delicious!

Grab the recipe for Custard Cream Biscuits Here!

7. Lattice Cheesecake Slice

This is my Mum’s recipe for Lattice Cheesecake Sliceand she always made it when guests came around. It’s a firm familyfavourite!

Grab the Recipe for Lattice Cheesecake Slice Here

8. Nanna Darling Jam Drops

The light, fluffy and that gooey jam centre will make you reach out for more!

Grab our Award Winning Recipe for Nanna Darling Jam Drops Here

9. Old Fashioned Caramel Tart

The most decadent caramel tart can be made at home using this recipe. One bite and you’re gonna be mind blown at how good it is. Considering that this was made before condensed milk cans were invented!

Grab our recipe for Old Fashioned Caramel Tart Here

10. Old Fashioned Rock Cakes

Rock cakes make an interesting twist to your chocolate chip cookies. I whip up a batch when the kids get bored with the basic biscuits. These are perfect for an afternoon tea party!

Grab our Recipe for Old Fashioned Rock Cakes Here

11. Lemonade Scones

This Lemonade Scones recipe makes some sweet and tangy, super light scones. Eat it a little while after removing from the oven. It’s soo gooood!

Grab the Recipe for Lemonade Scones Here

12. Old Fashioned Jelly Cakes

Jelly cakes in the shape of lamingtons… so easy to make and oh so good! If you have Jem Irons – fantastic – that was how they were originally meant to be made, but they can be hard to come by!

Grab the Recipe for Jelly Cakes

13. Traditional Weetbix Slice

This one’s another childhood fave of mine. I make this when the budget is tight but we still want a quick dessert after a meal. It’s surprisingly delicious considering it costs so little!

Grab the recipe for Weetbix Slice Here

14. Clinker Slice

Hands up if you love Clinkers? Even now I still close my eyes and try and guess what colour I’ve got after taking a bite!

Grab the recipe for Clinker Slice Here

15. Apple & Sour Cream Slice

This Apple and Sour Cream Slice recipe is easy to make and super delicious. We love love love how well apple and sour cream go together!

18 Old-Fashioned Recipes That Are Still Rocking Today (8)

16. Vanilla Slice or ‘A Snot Block’

You only need four ingredients and half an hour to whip this one up – and the taste will never disappoint!

Grab the recipe for Vanilla Slice Here

18 Old-Fashioned Recipes That Are Still Rocking Today (9)

17. Caramel Slice

I always bought this slice at the school fete – as it was always a delicious favourite.

Grab the Recipe for Caramel Slice Here

18. Chocolate and Coconut Slice

I remember having this all the time when I was a kid! Mum used to make great big trays of it and place the squares into a biscuit tin during the school holidays. So yummy!

Grab the Recipe for Chocolate and Coconut Slice Here

Do you know more old-fashioned recipes worth trying? Share it with us!


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18 Old-Fashioned Recipes That Are Still Rocking Today (2024)
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