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If you love watching birds, there are several ways to attract them to your yard. One way is by hanging birdhouses in your trees or on posts. Another way is by adding bird feeders.However, according to All About Birds, a bird bath may be more successful at attracting birds than a bird feeder. This is because a bird bath also attracts birds that don't eat seeds, leading to more variety in the types of birds you'll see in your yard.

You could buy a commercial concrete bird bath, but that's actually not necessary. Bird baths are easy to make, and they can be created out of just about anything with a round basin and a stand. In fact, people make bird baths from lots of interesting materials, and some you may already have hiding in your garage or shed. Below are 15 ideas on how to make a unique bird bath for your garden or yard.

1. Terracotta pot

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A popular way to make a DIY bird bath includes using terracotta pots. Nourish and Nestle uses the saucer of a large terracotta pot as the basin and an iron stand as the base. You could also stack multiple terracotta pots and flip them upside down to create the base. These pots can easily be painted for a personalized bird bath. However, since terracotta is naturally porous, make sure you seal the pot with a waterproof glaze.

2. Teacup

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You could create a unique bird bath out of a teacup. This DIY is great for those who have an old teacup on hand or for those who love thrifting old dishes. Life Is A Party outlines how to complete this project. You'll need a teacup, strong glue, a metal nut, and a metal threaded rod. Glue the tea cup and saucer together, then glue the metal nut to the bottom of the saucer. Once this has dried, attach the rod.

3. Metal chair

If you have a metal chair you're not using, you could repurpose it into a bird bath. The above chairs would be great for this project. All you'll need is the chair and a wide shallow bowl, like a terracotta saucer. If you want more details,Daisy Mae Belle explains how she added this fun and easy bird bath to her yard.

4. Tree stump

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Removing a tree stump can be expensive and difficult. Instead of removing it, you can transform an old tree stump into a bird bath. HGTV makes their bird bath with a basin and a slab of slate and attaches it together with silicone. Before beginning, you'll want to make sure your tree stump is level. You may need to cut the stump to make it more secure for the bird bath.

5. Stepladder

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You can also repurpose a stepladder to create a one-of-a-kind bird bath. This idea is great because you can also decorate the ladder with other plants and yard decorations, as shown above. Kelly Elko details how to complete this easy DIY project. All you'll need is a stepladder, a wide and shallow basin, and some decorative rocks to place inside the basin.

6. Serving bowl

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A serving bowl can also be used to create a bird bath. The design pictured above has a metal stand as the base — but other items could be used to hold the serving bowl. For instance, Home Jelly uses an old table leg as the base. In addition, you could also add a solar-powered pump. This will spray up water and could attract more birds.

7. Salvaged sink

A bird bath can also be repurposed out of an old sink. The sink could sit on a flat surface, as pictured above. Or, HGTV describes how to make a bird bath out of a pedestal sink.The sink will have to be attached to something sturdy like a tree, for stability.You'll also want to plug the drain and fill up the bottom of the basin with shells or rocks, so it's not too deep.

8. Bricks

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Stacked bricks and a wide shallow bowl can make the perfect bird bath. Just stack the bricks to create a square base, then attach the bowl to the top. Robins Nesting Place did this with some extra bricks. The best part is that the bricks don't have to be mortared together. Just placing them on top of one another will create a sturdy base that can withstand harsh weather.

9. Tomato cage

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A tomato cage is a must-have tool in any garden. If you have an extra tomato cage, you can turn it into a bird bath by attaching a shallow bowl to the top. If desired, you can also shorten the cage using wire cutters, notesMy Life Abundant. Tomato cages come in a variety of colors, so you can pick which one you like the most for your yard.

10. Hanging glass lid

If you've lost the bottom to a glass lid, you can turn it into a bird bath. This bird bath can be hung from a tree or a pole. All you need is the glass lid and a chain from the hardware store. Sadie Season Goods explains how to create this unique bird bath for your yard.

11. Rustic bowl and sticks

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A bird bath can also be made out of a bowl and some sticks, per The Art Of Doing Stuff. You'll need all the sticks to be of about equal length. To create this bird bath, pound the sticks into the ground and attach the bowl to the top. This is a super easy DIY bath that anyone can create.

12. Lamp

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Birds & Blooms demonstrates how to make a bird bath out of a lamp. To begin, you'll want to remove the lamp shade support and the socket. The lamp itself will become the base, and you'll need a basin to attach to the top. The basin can be made from any bowl or from a ceiling light canopy with the hole plugged. This bird bath looks so fun and vintage.

13. Stacked stones

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Stacking stones can also create a bird bath.Of course, you'll want to use the flattest and widest stones you can find. You could attach the stones to one another with glue, but that isn't necessary. Our Fairfield Home & Gardendetails how to create these bird baths, and the process is really simple. You can also place a rock or other decorative piece in the middle of each of your bird baths.

14. Repurposed glassware

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A bird bath could also be repurposed out of unused glassware. As pictured, you could place a decorative glass plate or bowl on a stand. Or, you could build a stand from glassware. To do this, glue various cups and small bowls into a stand, and the base will be a sturdy plate or large bowl.Life On Summerhill describes how to create a bird bath completely out of glassware.

15. Hanging planter

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A hanging planter can be easily transformed into a bird bath and then hung from a post or from a tree. To complete this DIY project, find a shallow bowl and place it in a planter. According toCraft Invaders, a hanging bird bath is great because it gives birds a safe place to drink and bathe that's free from predators.


15 Ways To Make A Charming DIY Bird Bath - House Digest (2024)
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