The Different credits And Debts That Can Be Redeemed During A Credit Redemption

Clarification of the credit redemption theme

The repurchase of credit means a financial transaction that aims to consolidate into one single credit one or more others that are the responsibility of an individual or group. In general, this operation occurs in cases where an individual is in the process of not being able to assume his debt within the time allotted to him.

As a result, it reduces the monthly cost of reimbursement with the consequence of lengthening the repayment period. In France, this redemption is divided into four categories, namely: the repurchase of mortgage, the repurchase of tenant credit, the repurchase of credit by purchase / sale with repurchase and the repurchase of professional credit.

In short, a repurchase of credit amounts to the exchange of an insurmountable debt in a short time against a larger debt in a longer duration.

The different credits that can be bought back during a credit redemption

The different credits that can be bought back during a credit redemption

We can remember four types of credit that can be bought back by a credit redemption, namely: the repurchase of home loans ( when one is the owner ), the repurchase of credit tenant, the repurchase of credit by purchase / sale to repurchase and repurchase of professional credit. These different types of buy-outs operate according to the same procedure, but are classified by category of beneficiaries.

The repurchase of mortgage

This type of redemption occurs in the case where the person concerned is in a condition where he can not insure debts related to the real estate side. If already the checks are made, the redemption is easy.

The repurchase of tenant credit

It is a type of buyback that relates to any financial entity in financial difficulty related to the education of these children. The latter will just have to follow the normal procedure and he will be able to benefit without further complication of repurchase of school credit.

Repurchase Purchase / Sale Repurchase

This type of redemption is still called a buyback sale. There is a consensus whereby the seller can take back the item sold and this involves the return of the cost of the item and the refund.

The purchase of professional credit

The purchase of professional credit

This repurchase category is the one suitable for those who are professionals in their respective fields. It is still called credit consolidation or restructuring and it allows this slice of people to manage the problems related to cash, taxation, social debt and all the rest.

The selection criteria to benefit from a credit redemption.

The selection criteria to benefit from a credit redemption.

To be able to benefit from a repurchase of credit, there are checks which are done beforehand on the individual. This causes the receipt of a bad credit redemption record from the hand of a broker if only the conditions to follow are met.

It will have to be registered with the Personal Credits Incidents File or  Central Check File. The applicant can also provide a mortgage guarantee, he can justify the regularity of his income. Finally, we will check if the bank is not over-indebted. If these conditions are not met, he can not benefit from this purchase.


The credit redemption is a service that offers you a great profit because it allows you to no longer feel the stress bind to the delay. It also allows you to live better and not feel the weight in relation to the debt.

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