Financial Loans 2019: the best for personal loans and quick bills, with and without payroll

Let’s see what are the best financial institutions to turn to for loans in 2019. We will deal with both personal loans and quick loans. In particular we will see how to receive loans with and without payroll, with alternative guarantees to present to access the desired credit.

Financial Loans 2019: why choose them, differences with the banks

Financial Loans 2019: why choose them, differences with the banks

The choice of the best loan in 2019 has become increasingly complicated. This is due to the many proposals that are constantly being studied by banks and finance companies. Here, on this point we will focus on this article. Very often the terms “bank” and “financial” are used as synonyms, even though they actually identify two different institutions. In particular, the financial companies are companies specialized in the provision of loans, intended both as personal loans and as consumer credit. This is therefore the only activity carried out by the financial companies. The banks, on the other hand, are companies that do not have the primary objective of disbursing loans, but due to the ever-increasing demand they have for some time been in competition with their own finances. This is the reason why in most cases a real distinction is not made between banks and finance companies when it comes to loans, given that the products offered are very similar to each other.

In any case it is good to specify that among the reasons for choosing a financial can be the best choice is precisely this specialization compared to banking institutions. Consequently, among the advantages of the financial system with respect to the banks is that of having a very varied offer of personal loans, of consumer credit and in some cases even of exchange. For each of their clients’ needs the main financial companies have created specific products, which means that each of us will most likely find the ideal loan. All this is the result of years and years of experience, in which the needs of the customers were analyzed and from time to time changes were made to the products that were offered.

In particular, an aspect that has been greatly improved in the request for loans to financial institutions concerns the timing of disbursement. If up until a few years ago to request a loan it was necessary to go to the branch, fill out the forms and wait several days to receive a reply, now everything has been speeded up. All the main financial institutions offer their clients the possibility of making the loan request completely online : the documentation will be presented electronically without the use of paper (advantage also from an ecological point of view). Furthermore, waiting times for receiving a reply are around 24 hours or at most 48 hours, so the whole process is extremely faster. If it is true that by now many of the services offered by the financial institutions have also been replicated by the main banks, it is also true that the greater experience in this sector often turns out to be an extra weapon for the financial sector. So let’s see which are the best financial companies to turn to in order to receive any type of loan, with the main characteristics of the products offered.

The best financial institutions for personal loans and consumer credit

The best financial institutions for personal loans and consumer credit

If you are looking for a personal loan or consumer credit, you will probably find the right product for you. Even here, however, there are many companies operating in this sector, so which one should you choose to get the cheapest loan and which has all the services we need? The best financial institutions are undoubtedly the ones that have the most experience and that for this reason are a guarantee from the point of view of reliability. Therefore our advice is to address to the most well-known financial companies, avoiding turning to smaller credit institutions that could offer you lower rates but which may hide bad surprises. So let’s see which are the best financial companies that offer very interesting products for this 2019.

Ultraloan Personal Loans: purpose, amount that can be requested and delivery times

A financial company that offers its customers extremely interesting products is Ultraloan. There are several reasons why you should choose this company to get the money you need. First of all, by visiting the website of this company you will immediately realize that there are different loans for each of the needs we can have. Just to name a few we find the personal loan for the purchase of a car but also for any other type of vehicle such as motorcycles, scooters and campers. There are also loans designed specifically for the renovation of the house, for the purchase of furniture and appliances. Among the expenses that we will be able to face with personal loans Ultraloan there are then for example university, master, marriage and travel. In short, from Ultraloan you will find the loan you are looking for regardless of the purpose.

How much can I apply for with Ultraloan personal loans? The amount can be requested up to a maximum of 30000 euros, therefore a rather important figure. Considering the fact that there are specific products, we can also talk about consumer credit, given that it is provided for a particular purpose. Another advantage of Ultraloan loans is the repayment method. At the time of the request we will in fact have the possibility to choose the duration of our funding, starting from a minimum of 12 months up to a full 120 months. In this way we will be able to set a rather low monthly payment even for large amounts. Finally, among the strengths of Ultraloan there is certainly delivery speed. As stated on the company’s website, in fact, the acceptance of the request will only take 48 hours to have the money we requested available.

Compass funding with and without payroll: free online quote

Another financial that we advise you to evaluate if you are looking for a personal loan with or without payroll is Compass. A very important aspect to consider when choosing the ideal financing is that of the required requirements. Depending on the company we decide to contact, there may be more or less restrictive requirements based on the regulation of the product offered. In particular, a guarantee that is always required is the pay slip, as it represents a fixed income insured every month. For this reason, employees in general do not encounter particular problems in obtaining the desired financing. This applies to Compass but also to all the major financial and banking companies. In the case of those without payroll, such as self-employed workers, the situation may not be so simple, due to the lower financial guarantees that can be offered. In the case of Compass loans, the solution is to present the last tax return. In this way it will be possible to demonstrate sufficient earnings to face the repayment installments that will be fixed.

So with Compass you can access personal loans and consumer credit even without pay. A very useful tool that we find on the company’s website is the online simulator. This allows us to calculate a completely free estimate, which on the basis of the desired amount and the monthly payment we prefer will present the best solutions offered by the company. In particular we will be able to know precisely the installment and the interest rates. Compared to other online simulators, in the case of Compass we are presented with ranges of values, given that the installment and the precise interest rate will depend on the client’s profile and the economic guarantees that can be presented. In any case, requesting an online quote is very useful to get an idea of ​​the characteristics of this loan. Subsequently it will be possible to proceed with the loan request to which we are interested.

One type of financing for which Compass may be the right choice is that of targeted loans. We are talking about a leading company in this sector, which has over 35,000 participating shops. This means that you will have the opportunity to access the financing you want directly at the time of purchase at one of the many shops affiliated with Compass. Among these stores we find for example those of electronics, some dealers, travel agencies, furniture and furnishing stores and more. Here we will therefore be able to obtain particularly convenient treatments thanks to consumer credit offered by Compass, which very often allows us to take advantage of the installment payment at zero rate.

AstroLoan loans: required requirements, amount that can be requested and rates

Speaking of the main financial companies operating in Italy, it is impossible not to mention AstroLoan. Regarding the reliability of this company there is not much to say, given that it has been present on the market for over 30 years. It is therefore interesting to analyze the financing conditions that can be obtained in 2019. The first feature that catches the eye when analyzing AstroLoan personal loans is certainly the amount that can be requested. From this point of view, in fact, this company offers its customers the possibility of accessing the highest amount ever: the amount of money we can request reaches up to 60000 euros. Usually for amounts of this type you must necessarily resort to the mortgage, while in this case you will just have to present the pay slip or for example the pension slip. On the AstroLoan website, in the area dedicated to the requirements, it is emphasized that it is possible to access the desired financing even without a pay slip. For self-employed workers and freelancers it will be enough to present the single Model as an income document.

It should be noted, however, that for very high amounts approaching 60000 euros for those without payroll, additional guarantees may be required. Another very important aspect is that of interest rates. These are fixed and depend mainly on the duration of the loan and the client’s profile. To get an idea of ​​the installment and the interest rates applied, you can calculate the budget online by specifying the purpose of your loan and the amount you need. The duration ranges from a minimum of 18 months to a maximum of 96 months. This last duration as always is the one that will allow you to set the lightest monthly installment, but at the same time it will provide for a higher interest rate. Based on these two aspects, you can therefore find the best AstroLoan loan that meets your needs. To make the request, you can also proceed directly online: all you have to do is follow the guided procedure and enter all the personal data that will be requested and the necessary documentation to request the loan. In just a few minutes, via the AstroLoan website, you will be able to request up to 60000 euros with just a few simple clicks.

Loans Changeover Quick to finance and viable alternatives

Loans Changeover Quick to finance and viable alternatives

A very interesting type of financing that is offered by different financial institutions and not only is that of the loans issued. It is a product aimed particularly at those without payroll, or even at bad payers and protesters. How do loan changes work? As can be guessed from the name itself, the main feature of this type of financing concerns bills of exchange. Unlike the other types of loans that we can find on the market, in fact, for the repayment it will be necessary to pay bills issued by the lender. The bills to be paid and the expiry date will be shown on the bills of exchange, within which the recipient of the loan will be required to make the payment. From this point of view, therefore, there is no real difference compared to the payment of the classic repayment installments. In fact, the difference lies in the legal value of the bill itself. It is in fact an executive title, which means that the lender can use it to sue the recipient of the loan, requesting a judge to confiscate the assets.

So from the point of view of the customer interested in receiving a loan, this represents a greater risk. Why choose it then? The reason is very simple, and derives from the fact that in many cases there are no alternative solutions to this type of financing. In order to access the loans, we will be able to turn to the main financial institutions, presenting our economic situation and the amount we need. Although this type of loan is not mentioned on the website of the best credit institutions in circulation, by going to the branch and meeting with a financial consultant, we may request information regarding this possibility. If we do not have the necessary guarantees to access the personal loans that we have previously presented to you, in fact, the financial companies could offer us the possibility of obtaining the money we need using the legal value of the bill, which somehow protects the lender from the risk of a missed repayment.

It is therefore good to carefully evaluate the expenses that we will have to face in order to access the amount we need. This is to avoid encountering difficulties in paying the scheduled repayment installments regularly, and thus risk finding oneself in dispute with the financial company itself. Loans are also an important financing option offered by private individuals. The latter is an increasingly widespread solution, as it allows us to access the amount we need on terms that are often advantageous compared to banks and finance companies, in addition to the fact that the requirements are less restrictive. In any case we advise you to pay close attention to those who decide to contact you, because unfortunately scams are always around the corner, and above all online we cannot expect the same reliability as a financial one. From this point of view, the best solution to receive a loan with private exchange is to request it through one of the social lending platforms. For example, by registering with communities such as Prestiamoci, BLender and Smartika you will have the opportunity to obtain the desired financing in complete safety, thanks to the intermediation of the platform itself.

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